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Lil Blood  New Album #Ndugu Click That Link EMail: Booking@LilBlood.Com

#TBT Who Remember This? #BoyzInMyHood I ain’t gone lie this was when Music was fun... before the politics #Ndugu

Gang with me look how we coming shout out 3rd world 🌍 Job done case closed nigga run funds💰 Yo bitch on me strap on me ain’t no getting on me 🔫 Lil nigga you need to go in get yo big homie 💪🏾 #DoingAlook

3 videos I just dropped in the last month #How #KinTheClutch and #PayAttention of my new album #Ndugu fuk with me

#Mood We've never advocated violence; violence is inflicted upon us. But we do believe in self-defense for ourselves and for our people. #Ndugu

Doing a look

Cold Visual Just dropped #PayAttention off my new album #Ndugu What’s yo favorite bar from this song

Get at me for booking and features Booking@LilBlood.com

Fresno y’all fucking with me 🤔 July 28th

#Random i think I’m part of the few Africans in the bay that ain’t tryna ride that Detroit wave. I kept my style original and honest. Salute to my loyal fans friends family and city for staying down 🙏🏾 shout out @peezy__te @bglonnie4620 @paidwill @unkle2neckless @bgmasoe_ @fmb_dz real niggas what’s poppin #Ndugu P.s I’m from West Oakland we don’t dick ride

This bitch was doing a cold look @lingokcsc addlibs killing me

Keep it real 🤔 you think I would’ve got caught if police 👮‍♀️ was on me 🤷🏾‍♂️ peep my spin move tho #SpinOffGamestrong

I love the fuk outta this lil yellow nigga #SirMiLorde aka #TheLookMaster Son Son #PleaseLetHimDoHisLook

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