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Emms Kat  🎀Call me Emms, Emily or Kat 🎀 👸🏻Texan by birth, Floridian by choice👸🏻 🎗Stage IV cancer fighter🎗 👑WDW & Universal AP👑 🦄Owner: @3mazingEars 🦄


Tune in at 8:15 am CDT to KOKE Radio in Austin, Texas as Bob Cole, one of Emily's former colleagues, gives her an on air tribute. You can listen online here: http://arn.leanplayer.com/KOKEFM #memsofemms

We have started a website in remembrance of Emily, complete with details of her services and charitable organizations that she held dear to her heart. I will try and incorporate ways that will also allow the community to share memories of her on it as well with a future update. You can visit the site here: www.memsofemms.com.
UPDATE: share your memory of Emms using the hashtag memsofemms and it will appear on the Memories page of the website.

My mind keeps playing the same trick on me. I wake up or walk to a room, and I expect to find her, sitting on her bed, the floor, or wherever's comfortable, making Mickey ears. She sees me, or Jackson, and calls out in her enthusiastic voice, and everything feels like it has, like it should, over the past thirty years. Only now, there is no voice, no her sitting there, bright, excited and beautiful. All that exists right now is a dull aching as the reality sets in each and every time.
Emily Garcia was so many things to so many people. For me she was a world-class traveler, a smart and powerful woman, the best sister a guy could ever ask for, and a phenomenal fairy godmother and aunt to my son. I could go on with even more, but right now my mind is reeling with the pain, the grief, and ache that comes with this loss.

The world feels a little dimmer today, but at the same time, I am thankful. I'm thankful that I was related to and got to call such a wonderful soul my sister for three decades. I am thankful that the time that I was allowed to have with her on this earth was time well spent, filled with family vacations, backyard memories, and holidays spent at home, helping each other open presents or eating food around the dinner table.
The last three years were hard for her, I know that. Yet throughout it all, when she received bad news, she would cry or get sad for a day, and then she was over it, her teeth clenched, her eyes resolute with determination. She fought tooth and nail every day of her life to carve her own path. I will work for the rest of my days to ensure that I can present even the tiniest iota of the strength, resolve, and tenacity in my day-to-day life that she showed every second of her existence.

Emily, thank you so much for the love, affection, strength, compassion, and all of the other amazing gifts you gave to me, Heather, and Jackson throughout all of the years that we have each known you. I love you little sister, now and always. I hope that you knew before you left us that Jackson will always know about is aunt, the warrior woman, who fought so long and hard so that she could meet him, and make his life magical.

That time BB8 wanted to give me a kiss but I couldn't be serious 💛 May the fourth be with you everyone!!! Today is a Leia hair, don't care type of day 💆🏻

I have been awful about posting photos from this weekend but this is one of my favorites 🚀🌙✨#wecute

You know when you meet someone and you're like ummmmmm can we please be best friends? That's exactly how I felt when I met @elliesteadman ! I'm so happy to have another Florida friend to share positivity, a love for Disney, sparkle and Gaston meet and greets with! ✨💖✨ 📸: @charlieareynolds 💕

Breakfast with the princesses was magical {SWIPE LEFT FOR PHOTOS} ✨👑✨ Outfit details - almost everything is from Amazon 😊 Fascinator: Fascigirl Aniwon cocktail red hat with flower netting ✨Earrings: Mint rose resin studs by ChelseaRoseRay (etsy) @gypsygirl32183 ✨Dress: Belle Poque Hepburn style summer dress (pattern put of stock BUT there are several others available) ✨ Belt: Colorfulhouse faux leather obi wrap in red lace ✨ Shoes: Faded Glory red glitter flats ❤️

Happy birthday to my sexy twin @jenevssss 🎉✨❤️ I guess this mama bird has to let you leave the nest now huh 😓 I love you to the moon and back and hope you have the best day lovelie! Wish I could celebrate with you, but we both know that'd just be asking to trouble lol😘❤️❤️❤️

You can check out the podcast I did about Disney, etsy and kicking cancer's butt with @talkaboutthemagic now! Link is in his bio 🙂❤️✨

Twirling with Cindy today was the best- we didn't even lose our shoes! ✨💙✨

Etsy shop owners unite! So great seeing @craftiest_place_on_earth after so many trips of barely missing one another!

Princesses of a feather, flock together ✨

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