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  No Sympathy 💔 #3MSlattt LLD💔 LLJ💔 LLY💔 S4S💔 Uptop

These niggas fake I don’t fuck wit them ,they all strangers to me...😤🥵

Coming Soon🔥🔥🔥💯
3mfis × rah rah x Lonzo , should we drop?
@bamsaynomore @pnbrock #explorepage #repost💯🔥

They took my dawg today🖤❤️ man it’s crazy man they took my dawg away🤟🏽🐍

Ain't No Peace made I'm riding round town bitch I'm street made,💯

“Moms Tripping Out Promised Her A House Still Ain’t Get That House Yet”😨

Blessed to see another birthday we definitely oss today pop out 🐍🖤❤️😂 #likeandcomment

If I Tell U I Love U And I Never Cried Then I Didn't Mean It😈

I Thought That He Was My Homie Then That Nigga Switched Up On Me😈💦

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