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3FU3L  Your optimal solution for pre/intra/post workout nutrition. 🔸Non-GMO 🔸Gluten-Free 📈Science Proven Fuel & Recovery


The master of disaster.
You haunt me day and night.
When I am with you, I hate you.
When I am without you, I only think of the next time we meet.
You build me up, then tear me down.
After I feel like I have finally grasped you,
You make sure I know where I truly stand.
You pull me forward off balance, You collapse my core, while I struggle to hold you up.
You make me believe I can reach success,
Then I find out how far away I am.
You are my enemy and my friend. You can never be tamed, you can only be managed.
The Barbell………
Poem posted by: Team3F Athlete Ambassador Chris "Stouty" Stoutenburg (@stouty08) @ugseries @wheelwod @crossfit_indestri
Photo: Team3F Athlete Ambassador Jaclyn DeMiro (@jaclyndemiro)

(No Limit!)
- Grass-Fed Whey Hydrolysate
- MCT from baby coconuts
- HDP Waxy Maize (3CARB)
- Micronutrient: Betaine

Gluten-free, Non-GMO. Just simple clean fuel and recovery for your training and competitions. Fuel Smart with 3FU3L!

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TONIGHT IS THE FIGHT! And we have released the Pat "Durkin" Cummins (@officialdurkin) Mustache Power men's t-shirts and women's muscle tanks today at 3FU3L.com!
Support Durkin at @ufc Fight Night tonight on FOX at 5pm pt/ 8pm et.
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Be sure to catch Team3F Athlete Ambassador Patrick Durkin Cummins (@officialdurkin) vs. Gian Villante tomorrow night on the Fox Main Card starting at 8pm. Who is ready for a UFC Fight Night!
Photo: Courtesy of UFC.com

Pure, clean, macros-based fuel with 225 mg. of caffeine from organic coffee. With grass-fed whey hydrolysate, MCT from baby coconuts, and HDP Waxy Maize (3CARB) you can take Coffee 3FU3L before your a.m. training session and forget the bullet-proof stuff!
Can you think of a better way to start your morning workout?
FU3L with smart science at 3fu3l.com!

Programming by PJ Nestler (@coachpjnes24).
Hard work by Christina Gonzales (@christinamariegb).
Fuel by 3FU3L. 👊🏼🔥‼️
#Repost @christinamariegb

Getting after it today 💪🏼 New GSAF program with Coach PJ. 1 1/4 Banded Zercher Bulgarian Split Squats. I'm not sure which this was harder on, my legs, or my will power. 💪🏼 Followed this workout with a little wrestling, but more importantly 30 minutes in the sauna
Powered by @3fu3l
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Congratulations to 3FU3L co- founder Brian Mackenzie (@iamunscared) and Team3F ambassador Dr. Andy Galpin on the release of #UnPlugged!
Repost: @drandygalpin

@unplugged_book is officially OUT!

Find it on @amazon, @barnesandnoble , Kindle, etc.

Those who preordered, YOU'RE JUST THE BEST.
If you enjoy it, we'd greatly appreciate a rating and comment on Amazon. It's very important to helping us spread the word. ❤❤❤

What's in your locker?
Whether you are carbing up before your workout or carb backloading after, 3CARB (HDP Waxy Maize) is the best carbohydrate supplement on the market. We don't add cheap fillers or ingredients you can't pronounce. Just clean fuel for happy muscles!
"I always make sure I have both my 3FU3L and 3CARB close by!" -Box owner and perennial regionals athlete Whitney Darchuk (@whitneydarchuk) at @pureathletics, home of CrossFit Prince Albert.
SHOP NOW at 3FU3L.com!

Congratulations to Mark Matyazic and his crew for completing @badwaterhq in 31 hours and 23 minutes! 👊🏼‼️
Finish line smiles fueled by 3FU3L!

At 135 miles with temperatures over 120 degrees and a +20,000 ft. elevation change, why (the) Badwater Ultramarathon (@badwaterhq)?
"It doesn't get any harder. I mean really, what's next?" -Mark Matyazic (pictured)
At the time of this post, Mark and his crew have completed approximately 82 of the 135 miles in one of the most grueling ultra-endurance events in the world.
FU3LED by 3FU3L, of course!

Motivation on this Monday for ultra-endurance athlete Mark Matyazic and his crew is to hydrate well and sleep today, because tonight at 11:00pm they start the 135 mile trek through Death Valley in the 2017 Badwater Ultramarathon (@badwaterhq).
Being able to only take the necessities for four people in extreme conditions, 3FU3L will be working triple duty as fuel, recovery, and meal replacement (if needed).
Good luck to Mark, his crew, and all Badwater athletes and their crews too!
Shop now for the best in fuel and recovery at: 3FU3L.com
#motivation #motivationmonday

Surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you.
Happy Friday!
Team3F Athletes Christina Gonzales (📸: @christinamariegb) far right and Darryl Christian (@darrylch) center.

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