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3FU3L  Your optimal solution for pre/intra/post workout nutrition. 🔸Non-GMO 🔸Gluten-Free 🔸Backed by Science #️⃣#3FU3L #3CARB #Team3F


Coffee is back in stock! Order yours today and get FU3LED!

Day One is in the books and the 3FU3L family is so proud of Team3F athlete ambassador Alyssa Christian (@akchristian)! Cheer her on at the #alamodome!

All of us at 3FU3L will be cheering on Team3F athlete ambassador Trevor James (@trev_james92) as he competes with the regionals team from CrossFit Milford (@crossfit_milford | @cfteammilford) at the East Regionals this weekend!

All of us at 3FU3L are proud to fuel Team3F Ambassador Jessie Jo Young (@jessiejo1220) and the @crossfitabilene team this weekend at the South Regionals!
📸: @jessiejo1220

3CARB (HDP waxy maize), as a stand alone supplement or as one of the 3 macronutrients in 3FU3L, is not only an excellent fuel source for your workouts, but also boosts fat utilization as well as resting energy expenditure.
Read more on HDP here: http://bit.ly/3F_HDPStudy

Hello #FitnessFriday! What could you really use right now? Comment below!

Check out 3FU3L co-founder Brian Mackenzie and Team3F ambassador Dr. Andy Galpin on the latest at Barbell Shrugged. (Repost: @barbellshruggedpodcast)
You train hard ...You eat right ...but if you are not doing this, you are getting weaker.

This week, we are diving into the science of @iamunscared and @drandygalpin new project Unplugged and what it means to be an adaptable and strong human in a comfortable world. Head over to #iTunes, #Stitcher, or #YouTube to tune in.

Not only is 3FU3L CFO, Bryan Diaz (@bryanediaz) a former Games athlete, he is also working with the team from @crossfitcostamesa on their #RoadToRegionals.
"My go to mix on the road to regionals with Team CrossFit Costa Mesa:
1. 12 ounces of water
2. 6-8 ounces of coconut water
3. 2 scoops of Vanilla 3FU3L
Started today with a 10 minute emom of 5 squats on the evens and 5 deadlifts on the odd minutes. Finished with 375/455. We ready!" - Bryan Diaz
Not only are we athletes and coaches at 3FU3L, we also practice what we preach.
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#MotivationMonday by Team3F Athlete Ambassador Jamie Hagiya (@jamiejoyce2). Strong is always beautiful!
• • •
#Repost @jamiejoyce2
Discussing a topic that bugged me a little. I recently reached out to a friend who's a model in the fitness industry expressing some slight interest. She told me for the modeling part, most agencies are specific to women size small and you can't look over 24 years old (Which even she agreed was ridiculous). But it got me thinking. I get it, 6 packs and a fresh young face are very aesthetically pleasing. But on the other hand, who's to say if you're not a size 0 or 2 (God forbid you're a size medium or large) you're not beautiful and worthy of being in a print campaign or commercial? Nothing wrong with being a size small, but for some of us it sets an unrealistic standard of beauty.
To me, especially in advertising "Fitness", strong is beautiful no matter what size you are. I'm 32 years old, a size 8, and one day hope our world's mainstream perception of beauty changes. I may never be a fitness model, but hope I can do my part so that one day all shapes and sizes are not only represented, but also celebrated. #bebold #bebrave #bebeautiful #setyourownstandards #thoughtfortheday #bodyimage .
#fitness #athlete #betterthanyesterday #beproud #motivation #inspiration

3FU3L founder Brian Mackenzie is having an Art of Breath event at @rvcasport on May 21. Check it out!
@RVCA advocate @iamunscared (Brian MacKenzie) of @powerspeedendurance and Rob Wilson @preparetoperform are coming to RVCA HQ with the #ArtofBreath exposure clinic on May 21st || the clinic will cover - how breathing effects movement and performance || cold immersion physiology + heat training physiology ||
basic breathing protocols to use pre-training, exercising, recovering, and adapting to hot and cold || breathing mechanics and mobility strategies to improve position || to view details and sign up for the clinic, link: http://powerspeedendurance.com/event/so-cal-aob-exposure-clinic/ || #rvcasport

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We are called 3FU3L because 3FU3L contains all 3 macronutrients - protein, fat, and a carbohydrate. But we also added a micronutrient, betaine, to the 3FU3L formula.
What is Betaine?
Betaine is a natural derivative of the amino acid, glycine. It helps increase intracellular hydration levels to help your cells prevent dehydration. Using betaine as a supplement has been scientifically proven to decrease lactic acid build up, improve body composition, and increase output in endurance athletes. Betaine also helps improve protein synthesis in the body so it helps promote muscle gain and fat loss.
Shop Now at: http://bit.ly/3F_ShopNow

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