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⚜3DNaTee⚜Artist/ContentCreator  Work featured by TIME, BET, MTV, Billboard, XXL, Playboy Magazine & more. Hip Hop Artist, Business Owner, & New Orleans Native. 📧 BOOKING@3DNATEE.com


When I bought him I didn't know he was a 🍆 blocker 😹🤦🏽‍♀️

Two more wake ups... and Maria will be officially released on 3DNATEE.COM/videos

The Songs That Didn't Make The Tape... now available for preorder on 3DNATEE.com/STORE and iTunes... it'll be officially released this Friday! March 31st

This week makes 20 years since my daddy committed suicide.... I gotta live life to the fullest... People wonder why I say what's on my mind, why I refuse to let anyone stop me, why I'm going so hard... Because I know my purpose is bigger than me... #3dnatee #alreadylegendary #theofficial3dnateeapp #feelosophies #TheRegime

I was highKEY, nervous as phuck because is was just me and my lil cousin/camera operator @og.films alone in a phucking funeral home 👻. That's why I'm whispering like a lil bxtch 😂 But I got the shots though. Can't wait for y'all to see the video Monday... (I know I ain't the only one, y'all would have been spooking too so 🖕🏽😹) #TheRegime #feelosophies #theofficial3dnateeapp #alreadylegendary #3dnatee #Hair @queenbstylez #Track 3D Na'Tee - Maria #ProducedBy @bassheavy

I know sometimes I be wearing myself thin, but I also know that there is no room for complaining... either get it done or get out the way. No one will hustle harder for you than you. The Maria video drops THIS MONDAY MARCH 27th #3dnatee #alreadylegendary #theofficial3dnateeapp #feelosophies #TheRegime

Anything for the shot...

Im about to run down on your mailman like I'm looking for income tax, lol! Thank y'all. #TheRegime #theofficial3dnateeapp #alreadylegendary #3dnatee #feelosophies

When I direct my own videos, I usually have my family members playing the roles. It's always fun. A lot of times I have to jump in to give them directions so I can get the emotions I need from them... Anything for the shot. The video for Maria drops this Monday (March 27th) I can't wait for y'all to see it! My new album is available now for preorder on iTunes and 3DNATEE.com/STORE "The Songs That Didn't Make The Tape" #3dnatee #alreadylegendary #theofficial3dnateeapp #feelosophies #TheRegime

If they are lazy or lack ambition its different... but if you purposely hide knowledge from the people you supposedly love, you may have some serious insecurities... an incurable case of superiorism. You want people to have to depend on you to eat which will only start to make you look like their next meal. The only way to have a strong circle is if you share what you learn (with the ones you love). What they do with the information is up to them but you aren't "real" if you sit back and watch your negus remain clueless. The #feelosophies of #3dnatee #alreadylegendary #theofficial3dnateeapp #alternativefacts😂

I remember when I didn't really believe in myself... I mean, for as long as I could remember, I didn't have a reason to. Back then, let my doubters tell it, I was just a child of two drug addicts who later in some strange twist of faith became a drug dealer myself because I saw that as the only lucrative job title that was truly accessible to me. People had no faith in me and, in turn, I had no faith in myself. Making music and sharing the things that I've experienced was always my passion though. You know what a passion is right? The thing that you would be doing even if there was no monetary gain for it. So now when I meet people who support my music and they go on to tweet or comment about it saying stuff like,"Na'Tee was so cool" "she was so humble" "Na'Tee is real, she delivered a cd to me personally at my house" it's not for the money... it's because with every conversation or every DM I respond to about how you relate to my music, you're reminding me what my true purpose is. You're reminding me that I should never doubt myself. Thank y'all.
#TheRegime #feelosophies #theofficial3dnateeapp #3DNATEE #alreadylegendary

Never bet against someone with ambition love... because you're gonna get tired before they quit which means you lost already. (That red on my lips is called #3DNATEE a color sold by @rockiedcosmetics) #3dnatee #alreadylegendary #theofficial3dnateeapp #feelosophies #TheRegime @makemeup_rockie #MUA @queenbstylez #Hair @terica76 #Wardrobe

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