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20 hour Architectural model for @fablabvalletta printed in @filamentive rPLA white on the newly released @raise3d Pro2 from @3d_prima #3DPrinting

Multicolored kitty project for @fablabvalletta printed with the @mosaicmfg Palette+ in all kind of @aprintapro PLA. #3DPrinting

Egg cup increased to 500% to make an egg basket. Printed in @fillamentum Vertigo Galaxy, Vertigo Grey, Rapunzel Silver and Gold Happens on the CR-10S with @mosaicmfg Palette+ in pattern more. Gorgeous result and by far one of the most beautiful prints I ever did. #3DPrinting #Easter

Easter madness in all kinds of @fillamentum colours :) Make sure to use code 3DMAKERNOOB for a 10% discount on the @fillamentum site and now also on @filamentonecom #easter #3dprinting

Donatello by @malic_sergiu_sanix printed on the @jgaurora_3d_printer A5 in @fillamentum Vertigo Grey. Gorgeous result!! #3dprinting #TMNT #cowabunga

Finding fun and colourful ways to use sample filaments, end of spool filament pieces and the spools themselves! The drawers are designed to be modular with divider slots for different spaces within the drawer. Then a stacking rack system to hold them all neatly on top of each other with easy access :) #3DPrinting #functional #recycling #reuse

5 color kirby by @chaoscoretech Printed on the Enervision EV160 with the @mosaicmfg Palette+ in @polyalchemy #3DPrinting #Cutestthingever

It’s finally here. The @matterhackers blue Friday sale. Time to spend some money I guess lol https://www.matterhackers.com/blue-friday?aff=7387

Hands down, the best #3DBenchy I ever printed. Printed on the @matterhackers #Pulse in @3dprintz_ltd Copper PLA at 100 microns and 40 mm/s #3DPrinting

So this is happening 😬😬😬 to for a test fit and also a test run #OpenRC printed in @matterhackers ProABS on the @bcn3dtech Sigma #R17 #3DPrinting

We all need something to hold all our candy 😬😬 475% scale jack o lantern printed with @filamentive rPLA on the Tevo Tornado #3DPrinting

Having some glow in the dark Halloween fun with the @matterhackers #pulse thanks to its #olsonruby nozzle addon. I finally get to print in all those materials that I have sitting there hehe

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