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3 Angry Men  We are the 3 Angry Men. We discuss the impact of pop culture and how it influences society. #3AM #3angrymen #podcastshow

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The 3 Angry Men are back with another episode. The guys get in some serious topics. They talk R. Kelly and craziness surrounding it. A serious episode but still a fun one.


During our latest episode Oliver told the story of how Jeff's happiness of stunting with a movie pass disgusted him. Jeff does not agree with him.

Full video available on youtube and facebook. Link in bio.
The full episode is available on iTunes and Spotify. #shitfriend #badfriends #funny #3am #3angrymen

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This week the 3 Angry Men talk Meek Mill - Championships. We talk about our thought on the album we discuss a few standout tracks and we take our sweet time to dissect the Jay Z verse.

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The 3 Angry Men are back with another episode. This week they discuss R&B and Neo Soul. What counts as Neo soul and what is going on in R&B. Why is Usher making trap albums instead of singing about girls he had. Why is everyone obsessed with Jorja smith and Ella Mai and many more questions.

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The 3 Angry Men are back with another episode. This time we are again joined by Nick from AirFM. We catch up on each others lives. Apparently Jeff went to the Amsterdam Dance Event, visited some weird parties, Danke is busy studying and Nick has beef with Dutch promoters. The Drake and Pusha T beef resurfaced because of the recent interviews on Lebron's The Shop and the Joe Budden Podcast. Of course we dive back into that and give our thoughts.

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This week we discuss the latest releases of Lil Wayne The Carter V, Young Thug On The Run, Lil Baby & Gunna Drip Harder and T.I. Dime Trap. We also quickly discuss some Kanye shit.


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Danke is not amused by the #cardib #nycfashionweek shoe attack

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This week we discuss #MeekMill & #Wale
We discuss Meeks trial and new music and we share our thoughts on Wale.

New episode Alert 🚨 This week we discuss Drake and his latest album Scorpion. Hear our thoughts and reactions to the album in our latest episode. Available on iTunes and other podcast services.

Rest in peace XXXtentacion.
This was supposed to be a quick minisode remembering him and talking about his impact. But we got heated about the reactions to his death from the breakfastclub and hot97.

Full episode on iTunes: The 3 Angry Men Podcast

New Episode!
In this episode we discuss the album, what we think of it, our theories about the subject matter and more. Of course the beef is still in our mind and we adres the latest information.

Full episode on iTunes, Soundcloud and all other podcast services

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