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ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Danni!!  ✨ lv. 20 ✨ no miku no life 🎶💙 ✨ 🔜 OTAKON (sat. only tho)

🌈 working on something special!!!! shooting for otakon! sorry for inactivity in the meantime, check out my story or my highlights tab to see some progress photos ✨

progression of my vocaloids through the years 😅 there’s always room to improve!

💕more ribbon girl 🎀 unfortunately I’m not gonna have enough money to finish karakuri pierrot for otakon so I’m gonna have to use the shoot I booked for something else 💦 I’ll throw a poll up in my story in the next day or so to let nyall help me decide 👀

I have PMD (post miku expo depression) 😰 so have some selfies from a happier time with the most gorgeous Kaito ever @shy.nyan_cosplay and we definitely need to shoot these cosplays again lmaO

my time in NYC was very short (less than 48 hours) but I’m so glad I was able to go!!! Digital Stars on Friday was really relaxed and I enjoyed it a lot, I also got the super rare opportunity to meet the band and get a photo and they RECOGNIZED ME FROM THE DC SHOW???? I was so shocked and I still can’t believe that was real, I still feel so honored 💦💕 I wasn’t able to enjoy the NYC concert as much as I wanted to because my pain was really flaring up, but I’m proud of sticking it out until the end!!!!! I honestly had never gotten balcony seats before but I really recommend it, it was nice to sit and I had a really clear view the whole concert!! I also got to see both setlists which made me SO SO happy because *spoilers* RASPBERRY MONSTER WAS PERFORMED AND SHE GOT THE MODULE CHANGE (please ignore my obnoxious screaming in the video of it 😅) and Hibikase is another one of my favorite songs! I also got to hang out with lots of friends in the city this weekend. Thank you to everyone who I saw this weekend and thank you Miku Expo, this was one of my last fun experiences before my surgery and I’m glad it got to be with Miku 💙

hello bad financial decisions were made and i bought a happi 😅💦 headin back to the hammerstein in like 15 minutes, say hello if you see me around!

✨ at miku expo DIGITAL STARS in nyc!

Miku Expo 2018 in D.C. was amazinnnnngg (if you couldn’t already tell by my screaming in my story posts lmao) I had a great time, got to see lots of friends and some of my favorite songs were performed 😭 almost in NYC now for round two of my Miku Expo trip!!! (very last pic/video in this contains a setlist spoiler!!! ✨)

✨ some would say.......... this is a glo up (2014 vs 2018)

✨ MIKU EXPO!!!! I AM IN YOU!!!! 💙💕

✨💕 MIKU EXPO IS TOMORROW!!!!! 💕✨ I’m so so excited I’ll be posting a pic of my outfit tomorrow and pls say hi if you see me around!!!

🎶 miku miku what’s it like to be u 🎵

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