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ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Danni!!  ✨ lv. 19 ✨ i loooove idols and video games 💖 ✨ next → katsucon


💙 Love, D.Va! .
hope ny’all have a good weekend! spring is coming soon and I looove warm weather ☀️
📸: @cloudsofsand.photography .
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #dva #officerdva #dvacosplay

🎀 new week new cosplay 💞 (and a double post for today lol sorry) my mom got this for me as an early birthday present!!!! Ribbon Girl has always been one of my favorite Miku modules and I’m so happy I can cosplay it now 😭
#vocaloid #mikucosplay #hatsunemiku #mikuhatsune #vocaloidcosplay

🥀💕 it feels super weird not having anything to rush and work on cosplay-wise,,, this whole week since katsu has been really weird
📸: @egaoangel .
#lovelive #lovelivecosplay #llcosplay #minamikotori #kotoriminami

💙🎼 my Cool Prism group is squad goals and I can’t wait to wear these outfits again with them 💕💕💙💕💕❤️💕💕💙
📸: @u.v._photography .
#vocaloid #vocaloidcosplay #hatsunemiku #mikuhatsune #mikucosplay

❤️💕 already got a photo back of Magical Girl D.Va!!! I love this cosplay but I don’t have any plans to wear it again so I’m selling it, check my story if you’re interested!! ✨
📸: @jojjua .
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #owcosplay #cosplay #dva #dvacosplay #hanasong #magicalgirldva

I’m home from Katsu and honestly I really didn’t enjoy myself much this weekend. I’m glad I got to see my friends again before my birthday but pretty much nothing went right cosplay-wise, the Gaylord is too small for the amount of people who attended, and people have become a lot more self-centered at this con. I don’t think I’ll be going to Katsu again next year and honestly in general, I need to re-evaluate myself and how/why I cosplay and go to these things. I’m still planning to go to Colossalcon but at least for a while, I’m going to focus just on Miku cosplays because that’s what I enjoy the most. Sorry if I’m a little inactive over the next few weeks ❤️
ok but sad stuff aside @shy.nyan_cosplay is the cutest Diamond and I don’t watch this anime but like........... she is perfect as this character (and I’m sad we didn’t get to hang out that much this weekend ☹️)

if you’re wondering why i’m wearing a Ryuko cosplay, don’t worry, I’m confused too,


magical girl group! 🌟

💕 in magical girl dva for a bit!! .
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #dva #dvacosplay #hanasong

first cosplay of katsu 😈 I’ll be in this (really uncomfortable) cosplay until around 1:30!!!!

💕 Happy Valentine’s day!! I’m really not crazy about this holiday but hearts and pink are cute so I guess I can make an exception lol, I’m more focused on the fact that katsucon is TOMORROW!!!!!
#vocaloid #hatsunemiku #mikuhatsune #miku #mikucosplay #cosplay #anime #vocaloidcosplay

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