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Logan Ewing  @crossfit_970 athlete🔵🏋🏻‍♂️ 2018 Crossfit Games Athlete 4/10/18 @jimmybars: EWING @purespectrumhemp: EWING8

That one was some serious FUN. 19.4 going down! Shoutout to @wil_dressor for the sick ass video! #crossfit970kittens #purespectrum #dbab

@wil_dressor with another sick video! This time me and @anthonyvcft throwing down! I love throwing down everyday in training with Anthony, but there’s just always been something different about doing it in the open! Bringing out the best in each other! #DBAB #crossfit970kittens #gamesathletes reppin @purespectrumhemp during this one! Check them out!

2016➡️2019. Progress! #DBAB #Crossfit970kittens @purespectrumbrady @purespectrumhemp @jimmybars. Huge credit to @joekingry for the 2016 video and @wil_dressor for this year’s!

Senior Tuesday @pds_photography? Also the @crossfitgames open starts this week and for the first time I won’t be competing to make it to the games. This is my first year in the adult division, even though I’ll still be 17 for most of the season. It’s very humbling to know that I’m back to the lab trying to perfect movements that i had perfected for the level of competition in the teens. I can honestly say it was hard not having regionals with the new format because my goal was regionals either this year or next year. Though I’m way fitter than I’ve ever been, this year will not be like the others. I know that in the future I can make it back. But for now it’s time to put my head down and work my ass off. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in the next few years! Thank you to everyone who continues to push me everyday @steve_ewing8, @tareseewing, @anthonyvcft, @barber_19_xf, @crossfit_970, @jimmybars, @purespectrumhemp, @purespectrumbrady, and @leslieeee_sevilla. Y’all mean the world to me and I can’t wait to see where we can take this! 2019 will be an interesting one!

Didn’t do as well as I wanted to at junior nationals, but still hit some good numbers! Had a fun time with these people in Chicago! Now time to get back to the gym and train for the adult division! #dbab #purespectrum

PR 262 in time for nationals on Saturday! Powered up when Mo Bamba came on😂 #thatsongsoverrated #17yearsold #purespectrum #crossfit970 #DBAB @purespectrumbrady @purespectrumhemp @killcliff @jimmybars

To say that 2018 was an amazing year is the biggest understatement! Senior season of football was a blast. Finally got to live out my dream of competing at the @crossfitgames! Third at youth nationals for weightlifting! And of course spending most of the year with my best friend @leslieeee_sevilla! Thank you to everyone who made this year one for the books!

Not everyday that you get to train with a 2x @crossfitgames champ! 3 games athletes training together @crossfit_970 for the weekend! This is the last round of strict muscle up Cindy after doing kipping muscle up Cindy in the morning!

Every once in a while we give this weightlifting thing a try! Back to CrossFit now, @crossfit_970 seems to be working just fine for me! #DBAB #CEFHCL #purespectrum

Had time to gather my thoughts after my second time competing @mbsturkeychallenge (both times adult pro at 16&17). I can say that this is more humbling for me than the games were. Not an excuse but this competition is hard for me having it a week after football is over, so I’m not able to train much at all from August-November. Getting to go out on the floor with CrossFit legends like @matt1chan, who I’ve watched since I was 9, is the most amazing part. Matt Chan and @prburke have been guys I’ve looked up to since I was 9 years old watching them at regionals and the games. Being able to show them what I have is hands down one of the coolest things ever. After the games this year with the format changes for qualifying to the games, I wasn’t motivated at all. Skipping workouts, not caring during training became common. Then I went to this competition, I had at least 12 people come up and tell me how my story of missing the games twice while dealing with injury inspired them. I took pictures with these people and all of a sudden my motivation was coming back. Then I spent time with @sethwaggener, @purespectrumbrady, @danthehuerter, and all of the team from @purespectrumhemp, and now my motivation is higher than ever. I can honestly say that from here on out there will be no more shortcuts. I have the best gym @crossfit_970 and coach @steve_ewing8 behind me! Now I know what I need to do to get where I want, only now being in the adult division it’s a more long term goal than when I was in the teen divisions! I owe so many people thanks and many more in the future! To @purespectrumhemp and @jimmybars for standing behind me I can’t begin to say how much it means! Back to training!

Senior night wouldn’t be the same without my amazing family by my side! I love all of you and thank you for making me into who I am today! Although I’m sad to say I will never play football again, I’m blessed to have spent my last game with them by my side!❤️

Finally found an excuse to wear her cheer uniform (all the parts we could get on me). Halloween is much better with this equally as weird girl with me. @leslieeee_sevilla lookin swole #jackedandtan

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