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🏴BABYSCUMBAG🏴  You can't be neutral on a moving train. I care. Sioux. Black. NYC. PAYPAL: 365750@GMAIL.COM #Aristhotle™


the world is so evil sooo so evil and disgusting

We Are Not Post Colonial--- Nothing Post, Very Much In It. How I Would Love If We Were DEColonized, POSTColonial, But We Are Not. Slave Patrol Still Rules The Streets With Guns. Black People Are Held Captive In Small Little Cells Called Projects, Then Prisons, Where They Will Be Whipped And Worked For No Pay. Black Bodies Dangle From Trees, #KendraShaniceReid. How Are We POST?

These two men DIED today because they stood up to a Racist white man trying to kill two young Muslim girls in Portland. Now some may say "this is why you should not intervene" but imagine they didnt and we had two dead girls. This is why we ALL need to intervene. Children didnt choose to be in this world we must protect them and each other. Rest in Power Brothers. #TaliesinMyrddinNamkaiMeche #RickyBest 😔Repost: @shaunking : "Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche and Ricky Best.

My heroes.
You are martyrs in the movement against racism and bigotry and Islamophobia in America. For this generation, you are our Mississippi Freedom Riders. May we all have your courage in the face of adversity. You did what each of us should do. My heart is broken that standing up for what's right cost you your life. It's just not right. I'm afraid, though, this loss is a painful sign of the time we are in.

We will honor your life and your death every single day. We must. I will never forget you and what you did for these young women."

ripped n dipped💚🔫

love love the rain but nyc this is a bit much, there was no spring, will there be summer?

ladies, @yung_duh got 💎gems on gems 💚💎#staychuned 🔫🔫🏝💜

Feed yr soul.

death and i danced so well
she had me under a spell///////

Even though Ive lived in NYC the past 7 years I can count on 1 hand the times ive been to central park. It gives me awful vibes and once I learned the truth about it it all made sense. First off all this land is stolen from the Lenape, and then they have the nerve to put statues of HilterColumbus everywhere... and they violently uprooted a Black community----just like they are doing now in Harlem. Life is CYCLICAL Not linear. We didnt get a fresh batch of white ppl these are the same ones who killed our ancestors being reincarnated and repeating the same cycles. Just like we are caught in cycles of poverty--blaming ourselves not Them.

" the coloured girls were always harder to melt" t. morrison

My plant is my best friend🍃So proud how my little baby has grown🌱

OMG this brother, Richard Collins was stabbed to death TODAY by a white supremacist!!!!!!!!!!!!! White folx these are YOUR people doing this to US. Also Black people its time to strap up and be on guard!!! Stop letting them into our churches and homes!!!!! Im so heartbroken!!! Why does this have to be our fucking reality!!!!!!! All these stupid articles about "Millenial problems" are about WHITE millenials--we arent enjoying our youth we are trying to stay alive, mourn, be strong, try to forget and get reminders like this that we are not human in Amerikka... White allies--- start forming gangs to hunt these nazis and racist cops!!!! I wish I could protect all my brothers and sisters😫😫😫😫😫This anger I have is from my love for my people #RichardCollins #Blackgenocide STABBED BY #SEANURBANSKI

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