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35mm  🎬

Zhora from Blade Runner

🎧🎵🎶What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown
Never be
Never see
Won't see what might have been
What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown
Never free
Never me
So i dub thee unforgiven🎶🎵🎧
*Bub from Day of the Dead

"A long time ago in the Overlook Hotel far, far away..."


Jack preparing for the scene. 💀

-Merrick's condition was undiagnosed at the time of his death. Later studies of his skeleton and the casts made of his body led researchers to suggest he suffered from neurofibromatosis (NF) type I, a genetic condition that 1 in 4,000 persons suffer from. The NF Foundation used the movie as a fund raising tool and credited it with making the disease more widely known. Later examination, including CT scans of the skeleton, lead researchers to believe he suffered from Proteus syndrome, a much rarer condition than NF. A scientist in 2001 speculated that Merrick may have suffered from a combination of neurofibromatosis type I and Proteus syndrome. In 2003, researchers used surviving DNA samples from Merrick in an attempt to determine his unique condition. However these tests were inconclusive and the cause of Joseph Merrick's medical condition remains unknown.
-The Elephant Man makeup took seven to eight hours to apply each day and two hours to remove. John Hurt would arrive on set at 5.00am and shoot from noon until 10.00pm. Because of the strain on the actor, he worked alternate days.
*David Lynch's The Elephant Man (1980)

"You know nothing, Jon Snow..." 😳

"I had three architectural drawing made of three great white sharks. One was 18ft long, one 26ft one 36ft. I looked at the first shark and said, “That's too small.” Then I looked at the third shark and said, “That's Godzilla, that's the Japanese science-fiction movie, that's too big.” And I looked at the middle shark, 26ft long, and said, “That's just right.” " #StevenSpielberg


-The head of the Werewolf was also designed to implement several features at specific angles. “It’s also sculpted in a very angular way,” Rick Baker said in an interview for Landis’s own book, Monsters in the Movies. “The brows are very angular and there are 45° angles all through it. There is something scary about 45° angles.”
-Actually bringing the Werewolf’s four-legged form to life was another challenge. A full animatronic character was immediately discarded, and a suit version was supposedly attempted – but deemed unfeasible. Baker eventually got the inspiration from his own childhood games. He explained: “late one night, I was sitting in my living room and it came to me. I thought of a wheelbarrow race. So I stretched out my legs over the edge of a chair and my arms out in front, testing the balance, seeing if I could shift around while still holding my weight. Then I thought, ‘what if we had a flat surface to support the weight — like a diving board with wheels — where we could move it around and vary the height?”
-This concept became the base of the Werewolf rig, which combined a suit for the upper half of the Werewolf and a dolly for the lower half, with a slant board supporting the weight of the performer and the lower legs puppeteered with wires or rods. Devised by Doug Beswick, the system had a jointed waist that could bend naturally from side to side, and a counterweight in the rear section to decrease the weight the performer had to support. The suit included arm extensions and a cable-controlled head. Given the technique, it had to be shot with the appropriate camera angles. The two suit performers were Kevin Brennan (whose proportions served as reference for construction of the suit) and Brendan Hughes. Brennan “was a trained dancer who had this really strong torso so he could hold himself in there at this awkward angle,” first assistant director David Tringham said, “and just be with his legs sticking out the end with nothing to support him really.”
*An American Werewolf in London (1981)

"No wonder you're having nightmares." *Total Recall (1990) ッ

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