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heey πŸ₯°.

it hurts. after all this time, it still hurts πŸ’”

β€œ i’m just sick of pretending to be happy πŸ–€πŸŒͺ”

why did you try to kill yourself ? β€œyou told me to be happy πŸ₯€β€

spooky season πŸŽƒ!

β€œ you said i love you, & i said it too. the only difference is, i didn’t lie to you πŸ‚β€

they say β€œ follow your heart β€œ but if your heart is in million pieces which piece do you followπŸ₯€

β€œ you all laugh, because i’m different, i laugh because you are all the same 🀭 β€œ

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