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30 Days of Doing  Helping real people follow their passions, while improving their own lives, and bettering their surrounding community.

Day 4 of our 30 Days of Doing is all about building community. we want every idea that partakes to succeed individually, but our goal for 30 Days as a whole is to build a community of likeminded people. people who are passionate about an idea, who take the necessary steps to make that idea happen, and who are willing to support others on the fence about taking a leap with their own idea. others who are looking for an occasional flashlight in the foggy world of entrepreneurship. going it alone or with a small team can be hard, especially in the beginning, but not if you surround yourself with other Doers. get in touch with us via DM here, or via details on our website to learn how you can join this community too 🙌🏻

Day 4 of 30 Days of Doing is all about friendly competition. one of the most common mental blocks we see people hitting with a new business idea is realizing that there’s already competition. but is that necessarily a bad thing? no! if you want to start the next marmite bean toast or empire, you maaaay find yourself alone in the game because well, no one else likes marmite bean toasties! but the fact that friendly competition exists mean that there is a market for your idea, and you just need to find a way to make yourself stand out by putting a new spin on it, doing it better or faster, or a combination! ✨
head over to our site (link in bio☝🏻) to join the challenge for FREE and find out more about day 3, or if you’re a reader (like us 😊) you can find our self-published book on Amazon ✨

on Day 2 of our 30 Day challenge, we dive into the nitty gritty details of how to develop your new idea, and present it to others. going on a long ramble about who you are and what you want to do will likely leave others confused or rushing for that escape button in the elevator. instead, nailing down a first version of your "elevator pitch", including a reason for why your idea is unique and how it may serve others, will help you hone in on your vision for the business. your fellow elevator rider may just buy you a coffee to hear more 🙌🏻

on Day 1 of our 30 day challenge, we discuss an important concept to think about when pinpointing your "idea" for your own small business. finding your personal intersection of "joy", "money", and "flow". Chris Guillebeau's concept that to create your own side hustle or break out of your mundane routine, you must first identify what activities make you happy, how you can make money, and which activities are healthy but achievable challenges and put you in your zen mode of productivity.

(more details about how to do Day 1 and beyond of our 30 day challenge via our site for FREE 🙌🏻 - link in bio - OR in our self-published book on Amazon)

hello 👋🏻insta world! we are 30 Days of Doing, here to inspire likeminded people to launch their side-hustle or small business idea that they've always dreamed of starting ✨
the 30 Days of Doing content was originally created to support a small group of incredibly talented individuals who were setting up their side hustles alongside incredibly busy working schedules. the original content is comprised of 30 Days of tasks that focus on mundane exercises like registering your business, and exciting thinking exercises like planning lifestyle design ✨
the content is available many ways - online at our website (link in bio ☝🏻), in book form on Amazon, and through our in person meet-ups that are happening in London and hopefully elsewhere soon! ✨
so if you have a concrete idea, or just a desire to dream bigger, and are looking for some guidance, choose a way to follow our content and share your journey with us! we'd love to hear from you ☺️

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