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lol nope.  are you a prostitute bc you're prosticute.(;

damn i havent been on here for a while, sorry i'll start posting more.

when i saw this, i almost started crying..hahahaa

Im obsessed with saying dick biscuit.. why? i have no clue.

aaah. my school is so dumb . they have crazy hair contests like wtf?

i'm a fucking loner.

omfg i'm watching a chick flick and now i need a bf. aghh wtf

am i the only one who hates this song?

i swear if i'm going to be alone today. i might just kill myself

i need to stop watching say yes to the dress...

im such a loner like wut da fuccccck.

Drake and josh is on.. Omf

No one understands how funny i find these

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