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Angie Keiser | FashionByMayhem  Mama to @fashionbymayhem 👧🏻 | Encourager of Creativity | Mess Maker | Not Afraid of Glitter In The House ✨


Showering before hiking to the top of @stonemountainpark in July is easily the dumbest thing I've done this month ... so far 🙄

Phil and Kevin weren’t exactly impressed with our paper couture, but Dave and Jerry are totally digging their looks ;-) Grab stickers packs from @Chiquitabrands to create your own banana Minions, and be sure to use the tag #DressMyChiquita to show off your Minions! rls: play.chiquita.com #ad

When did you know which sport was 'IT' for you (or your kids)? She's begging for a sixth week of summer tennis lessons next week ... I'm worried about her burning out, but she's loving it and seems to be thriving ... 🤔

Raise your hand if you've ever seen the 'See Rock City' signs (or barns ... or bird houses) 🙋 Did you also know it's pet friendly?!?! I had no idea until I googled it today! And so we took a little detour on our OH --> GA commute and finally Saw Rock City. It was awesome (and pawsome 🐶), absolutely worth the detour - completely exceeded our expectations! If you're ever in the area, you should definitely #SeeRockCity too :) #lookoutmountain

#tbt - a look back at a few of our favorite red, white and blue fashions ❤️💙 Hope you all had a fantastic holiday - we ended ours at the only open urgent care having 'Miss Independent' diagnosed with an ear infection + strep ... because who wants to watch fireworks 🙄 #FashionByMayhem

Things that are ruining my day: 1.) finding a unicorn napping at 3:30pm which means bed time will be especially brutal 2.) the UPS app which apparently alerts my husband almost immediately after any online purchase, that will be arriving by UPS 😭 #WhyDoesUPSHateMe #heresmynukoolsamwich👊🏻 #RaiseYourHandIfTheUPSAppIsAlsoRuiningYourLife🙋

Video doorbells are great for security but they're even better for taking pics of your kids 😉 #CheaperThanANewDSLR #OrADrone #OrANewPhone #MyDingDongKid

Celebrating #NationalSunglassesDay and another hole in that grin 😎

Challenge accepted! Join Mayhem and see how many of the Despicable Me 3 Stickers you can collect on @Chiquitabrands🍌🍌, and don’t forget to enter the sticker codes at play.chiquita.com for chances to win fun prizes. Good thing bananas are one of Mayhem’s favorite snacks :) #ad

Every morning, Mayhem eats toast, in a pillow fort she builds on the couch. Everyday, this is the clean up crew 🐶

We planted a tiny garden, and she checks the progress every single day - she's especially impressed with how quickly the arugula and radishes are growing 👍🏼 Our biggest challenge with maintaining our plant based eating has definitely been when we want to eat out or in social situations, but we've been able to stay totally on course at home. Last night we re-upped our commitment though, after watching the new documentary, What The Health (@wthfilm ) on Netflix - whoa, buddy ... talk about an eye opener 😳 HIGHLY recommend 👍🏼 What are your favorite food documentaries?! #PlantBasedInProgress🌱

School’s out, but our brains are currently working overtime on the optical illusions of #MonumentValley2. We’re slightly obsessed, and a little bit stuck on level 9, so if you could kindly download for yourself and help us out, we’d be super duper grateful ;-) #Sponsored

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