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Angie Keiser | FashionByMayhem  Mama to @fashionbymayhem 👧🏻 Encourager of Creativity Not Afraid of Glitter In The House ✨

We called it quits early. Because we had 4 awesome days and dragging a sick kid around the parks would have been a miserable ending for everyone. Changing the flights would have cost a fortune and bringing a hacking/coughing/sneezing/feverish kid on a plane didn’t seem very wise either - so we rented a car and drove home. Fingers crossed for the poor soul who rents that silver Tahoe out of ATL next 😬 #GermMobile🚘 #BetterThanInfectingAWhole✈️ #HappiestPetriDishOnEarth💫

Currently at the hotel nursing a 104.3 fever 🤒 (according to my very accurate momhand-omometer), because instead of souvenirs, she picks up a virus. Every.Damn.Time. 😩This is why we refuse to let her anywhere near Chuck E. Cheese, and yet, every few years we have this lapse in judgement, and decide to bring her to the happiest Petri dish on earth 🤦‍♀️ #QuestionableParenting #ImmunityBooster #AllTheWorldsViruses #WorthItForBigThunderMountain

The story behind our matching necklaces is a good one. See, this clever girl of mine, found this necklace on Amazon and thought we needed them “since we both love each other and love dogs.” But she wanted it to be a total surprise and didn’t even want her dad to know. So what’s a girl to do? She printed out a screenshot of the Amazon page and wrote a letter to her grandmother asking if she would please order these necklaces. And then she mailed it. The kicker: she put enough cash (out of her own money) in the envelope to pay for the necklaces. Yes, I cried like a baby 😭 To which Mayhem replied, “I’m sorry. I would have had it sooner but Mawmaw doesn’t have Prime”. Pretty sure this is the pinnacle of this parenting gig ❤️

Who else dresses this way for air conditioning?! 🙋‍♀️

Sept. 2, 2017 - the invention of the Syd-No-Sleeve during the 2017 USOpen. And tonight, Mayhem is losing her mind over seeing @serenawilliams, sporting a Syd-No-Sleeve at the #USOpen 😉🎾💪🏼 #GoSerenaGo #FashionByMayhem #ThisMama

#ad Back to school, back to tennis, back to neighborhood play dates! With cold and cough season just around the corner, we’re keeping these HALLS KIDS Vitamin C Pops on hand, because they make getting her daily dose of Vitamin C, easy peasy. Bonus points for Orange Flavor - Mayhem’s favorite! Suitable for kids ages 5 and up. @get_halls

A follow up (and plot twist!) to our last post: Mayhem DID actually use my toothbrush to clean her toes. Really. 😭🤢 Not to be outdone, Moxie woke me from a nap today by licking me on the mouth. I didn’t know I could love people and animals enough to let them live after such actions, but here we are 🙄 #NationalDogDay

She has a wicked sense of humor, and I love it. Mostly. But last night while I was brushing my teeth, she came in and asked how long I’ve been using that purple toothbrush. With a mouth full of toothpaste I managed to say “for as long as it’s been in my drawer”. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Ummm, we’ll that’s the one I used to clean my toes!” So I started yelling at her, again with a mouth full of toothpaste, which inevitably ended up on my black t-shirt. I kept asking why she’d clean her toes with a toothbrush, and she just kept saying they were really dirty and she thought I only use my electric toothbrush. She maintained her story and left my bathroom without ever cracking a smile, so I’m kinda horrified at the prospect of her being such a good liar OR that she actually cleaned her toes with my toothbrush. The only truth I currently know is that I’m getting a new toothbrush today. #KidsAreEvil

I know she’s growing up fast, but I’m thankful for days like yesterday when she came to me, with a horrified look and said, “Did you know Fortnite is a video game?!” And I nodded affirmatively, and she went on, “I always thought it was kids getting together, building a fort to play games and eat snacks in, and then having a sleepover.” So then I assured her, it’s definitely a video game and she walked off, shaking her head, saying, “I think my idea sounds way more fun” And for one more day, I’m mildly assured that she’s still my little girl ❤️

Completely and totally worth yesterday’s 4 hour rain delay to get to see @madisonkeys win on Center Court. On the way out last night, she asked, “Hey Mom, are you guys going to come and watch me when I’m playing here in a few years?” 💚🎾💚 #CincyTennis #WesternSouthernOpen

A few months ago, some very good friends gave her a choice: Taylor Swift tickets or tickets to the Western & Southern Open 🎾 It took her about a half second to make her choice. We made the 8 hour drive yesterday, and even though it’s done nothing but rain so far today, I’ve never seen her happier than when she stepped into Center Court. Now, if someone could kindly turn off the water in Cincy, we’d be super duper appreciative, because she was stoked at the prospect of seeing Madison, Sloane, and Angelique play this afternoon. She was also super bummed when she found out Roger isn’t playing until this evening (we have day session tix). BUT, she’s armed with a giant tennis ball and a sharpie, prepared to bump into greatness ❤️🎾❤️ #CincyTennis #WesternSouthernOpen

Over on our stories, I shared our most recent visit to the allergist, and Mayhem’s failed almond challenge. At the end of the story, I asked if anyone had questions about her food allergies, and within an hour we had hundreds of questions. She and I answered lots of questions on our story and will continue to do so today, but it’s clear that there is still a lot of question and confusion about the severity of food allergies. And we NEED to keep talking about them. So hit us up with any questions you have here too (but maybe check out the story first, as we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions) and we’ll keep the convo going 🤗 #foodallergies #kidswithfoodallergies #beingkindisalwaysinfashion

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