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Angie Keiser | FashionByMayhem  Mama to @fashionbymayhem 👧🏻 ('that paper dress girl') | Encourager of Creativity | Mess Maker | Not Afraid of Glitter In The House ✨


May 24 (2013 ... 4 years ago!!! 😭) is our 'dressiversary', as in, the day we made our very first paper dress. Today, when it popped up in our FB memories, Mayhem said, "Hey Mom, how 'bout we make an updated version of our very first one!" and so we did. The rules were simple: same materials, nothing more, nothing less. So construction paper and masking tape it was. As we were piecing it together she said, "I'm kinda rusty on this whole paper dress thing, maybe we should make one again tomorrow" ... we'll see, she's been kind of wrapped up in playing a lot of tennis, watching (obsessing over) Property Brothers, and designing/building homes out of cardboard these days 😊 (swipe to see the original/more) #FashionByMayhem #NowIRememberWhyWeSwitchedToTissuePaper #makersgonnamake #ItTookALotMorePaperForThisOne

The local pools have been open for a couple weeks, and we had no idea. Because people from the mid-west grow up on a very strict Memorial Day - Labor Day swimming calendar 🙄 which has me curious, what's the 'swim calendar' where you are? #SouthernOutsidersYall

Today, she made: ice skates, a yoga mat, and a mailbox. Meanwhile, I didn't even shower. #HighlyProductiveSundayVSHighlyUnproductiveSunday #MakersGonnaMake

It's all fun and games until Alexa pretends she doesn't understand you (while you're LIVE on FB!!) Click the link in our bio to watch us make @Quaker overnight oats. PS - we shared the much requested secret to our (FAV!) LEMON 🍋 overnight oats. #GoodIsMade #OvernightOats #ad

Throwin' it back to when she only had those two bottom teeth. I've heard that kids often lose their teeth in the order they came in, and while I have no idea if that's true, it does seem to be the path Mayhem is taking. #tbt #ittybittymayhem👧

She insisted on taking a picture of these shoes because "they're just so perfect" 😍 Super fun afternoon shooting a project with @theatlantan!!! (more BTS on our story)

They say it takes a village, and they're right. Thanks for being a part of ours, and allowing us to be a part of yours. Special shoutout to all the mamas and caregivers in the trenches everyday, doing their best to build these amazing little people into amazing big people. ❤️ Happy Mother's Day, friends!

In honor of the release of @WonderWomanFilm (June 2), I’m celebrating our pal, @rachelryle. Self taught animator and creative genius. Insanely talented. Wickedly funny. Incredibly kind and gracious. GIRL BOSS!! And a total inspiration to ‘makers’ like Mayhem and myself. #SheIsWonderWoman Who inspires you??? #WonderWoman #WBsponsored

When you're trying to eat plant based, but there's the option to eat a cheeseburger as big as your head .... 🙄 #KeepinItReal #IOrderedTheVeggieTacos #PlantBasedEatingWhileTravelingIsAChallenge #mayhemsguidetonashville

Who wants to go back to Nashville with us for a mural tour?!?! 🙋 (ps - we promise a stop at @googooclusters 😋) #mayhemsguidetonashville

I'd like to blame @laurenalaina and @opry for this, but it's actually a throwback to a few months ago. She was singing Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) ... What song can you not hold back on?!?! #tbt

About 15 seconds before Lauren walked into the room, Mayhem all of the sudden felt so overwhelmed by meeting her, that she broke down sobbing. Lauren came in, took Mayhem by the hand, walked her to the mirror and wiped away her tears. Then they sat down and chatted all about singing, pizza, living in Georgia, and how they're basically twins 😉 Thank you @laurenalaina, for being a true idol, and massive thanks to @opry for an amazing show and experience 🙌🏼 (PS - you can watch the full 'girl talk' video on the @opry Facebook page) #opry

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