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Angie Keiser | FashionByMayhem  Mama to @fashionbymayhem 👧🏻 Encourager of Creativity Not Afraid of Glitter In The House ✨

Last Monday we were watching (on the app) as our Uber driver drove up and down the streets all around us without turning onto the street where we were standing. He was 4 minutes away for 20 minutes 🤦‍♀️ And while Miss Impatient insisted that we “just cancel it and order a new one!”, we insisted that she take a seat because maybe our driver was just having a case of the Mondays. We finally flagged him down and then had to give him directions back to our hotel because his phone kept shutting down. I still don’t know if he was having legit problems or if he was trying to get the $5 cancellation fee from us, without taking us anywhere. But I do know that the chocolate chip cookies from @erinmckennasbakery (a few doors down from here) were absolutely worth the trip 🤤 You have no idea the joy it brings to see this food allergy kid walk into a bakery and be able to have ANYTHING in there because the ONLY tree nut ingredient they use is coconut 🙌🏼 ❤️

While we don’t qualify as jet setters or worldly travelers (yet!), we will forever be making and taking any opportunities to show her places other than wherever we currently reside. We know far too many people who view the world only from where they stand, and choose to never venture out and see other places, or meet other people, or learn about anyone who lives differently than they do. This one though, she already believes that people everywhere are fun, interesting, and pretty darn amazing. And I couldn’t agree more. She also believes that being strapped to a seat in a metal tube traveling 600 mph at 30,000 ft is completely normal. And while I disagree with her on that one, I’ll continue to do it because our life is better with every new person we meet ❤️ [And while she loves pretty much everywhere, NY is still her favorite 🙌🏼] #NervousFlyer (<— me not her) #Delta

Cheers to more women than EVER before, representing us in Congress 💙 Celebrating the victories of all the women and minority groups who picked up representation last night - thank you for paving the way towards change ❤️ #FashionByMayhemFlashback

🎃 Nancy Drew tackles the case of ‘The Mannequin in the Bushes’. She didn’t get very far though, as she’s easily distracted by Twizzlers and Milk Duds. Mayhem is the best kind of friend to trick or treat with, btw, as food her food allergies prevent her from being able to have most of what she collects. Which means she gives a LOT away - no trade required 😉 Hope your Halloween was filled with just as much fun, friends and candy!

She's made her list. And checked it twice. Two months left to determine naughty or nice 😉 Check out our story to see how we're using #Microsoft OneNote to stay organized for the holidays. @office #ad #OneNote

I currently have 16,812 photos and 5,015 videos in the ‘all photos’ album on my phone. Someone has more than that, right?! Bonus points if you can also name Mayhem’s original mannequin. #FashionByMayhemFlashback #BeforeSheDrewOnCreepyFaces

We’ve spent our social studies time over the past week discussing the importance of voting and researching the candidates and issues that would be on our ballot. We talked about our family’s values and the qualities we expect in those representing us. And today, she stood by my side as I cast my ballot for change 💪🏼💙 #VOTE #FutureVoter

Tennis is very much a mental game. So freaking much. Over the weekend she was scheduled for her first singles match in a 12U league and extremely nervous about it. And because coaching is strictly prohibited during the matches, she got lots of advice before - Her coach said: play YOUR game, forget about about the points, and just do what you know how to do. Dad said: Keep your feet moving, go to the net, and give that swinging volley a try. I said: snacks are for winners - how hungry are ya? She won (8-1). Because snack FOMO is real.

Cool cat, groovy music, and perfectly positive messaging - what more could you want in an animated series? #PeteTheCat is now streaming on @AmazonPrimeVideo and Mayhem is so stoked that we’re babysitting our neighbor pal so she can join in the fun! #SponsoredByPrimeVideo

Be YOU and do what makes YOU happy! One of our all time favorite book series #PeteTheCat is now a super fun animated series streaming on @AmazonPrimeVideo. Pete is the coolest cat with the grooviest life lessons for kids and adults! ;-) Go stream it today! #SponsoredByPrimeVideo

Today we went to a trampoline park, and she had a blast. Except for one incident. There was a boy there, I’d guess about 12 or 13 years old, who honed in on Mayhem being there without other kids. He started following her and purposely knocking her off the obstacles. She caught on and kept an eye out to avoid this boy and go in another direction. Eventually he caught up to her again and she told him repeatedly to leave her alone. Which he laughed at, and then followed her even more closely. He was more than a foot taller than her and at least twice her weight. She tried bouncing and jumping faster to get away from this boy, but no matter how fast she went, he was breathing down her neck. Keith and I were watching the entire incident unfold and saw a look of complete discomfort and fear wash over our girl’s face. And then she sprinted directly toward us, and when he saw us, he went another direction. Mayhem asked me what else she should do, besides telling someone to leave her alone, to make them actually leave her alone. I assured her that that’s all she SHOULD EVER have to do and I also encouraged her to get loud about it. Without missing a beat, she said, “yeah, but if I had a pet dragon, I could just whistle and it would come in and light him on fire” And with that, my faith in the future was reinforced 🔥 #DragonsForTheLadies💪

Hold my calls, the ladies are getting into formation 👊 [📷: #tbt - 2/18]

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