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Angie Keiser  Mama to @fashionbymayhem 👧🏻 Paper Dresses | Encourager of Creativity | Currently📍: ATL(ish)


I denied her sun visor purchase request last week. She took matters into her own hands 💁 #MakersGonnaMake #AKeiserInAVisor

Happy Earth Day! Planting lemongrass because we hear it's a natural mosquito repellent ... 🤞

Looks like Mayhem has someone new to chat with, thanks to our friends at @Quaker. Welcome to the family, Alexa 😍 (Link in profile to the full unboxing video) #sponsored

Will hike for bean wrap :)

She has no problem picking up bugs, moths, toads, etc., but today at her her well check appointment she was absolutely horrified when they asked for a urine sample. She refused, btw, and cannot fathom ever peeing into a cup, let alone putting a lid on it and then putting it in a secret door on the bathroom wall. When we left, she asked, "Who even DOES that?!" 😂

When creating Flashy’s super hero crest and look for #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth #ad, Mayhem was completely decisive: “Stars, because they sparkle, and lightning bolts because they’re fast! … Oh! And LOTS of purple!” Complete this week's #HeroesInTraining challenge by telling us what your super hero crest would be. Or better yet – create and share it for us to see! @dcsuperherogirls

Her 4-year portrait used to be my fav (swipe to see), but this toothless 7-year look just took the top spot. Curious - How often do you update your kids' portraits versus how often were your's updated as a kid? Also, do you have framed images of your kids at home, or do they mostly live on your phone and social channels?

Never listen to anyone who tells you NOT to put your baby in silly hats 🐰 #ittybittymayhem👧🏼 #tbt

Day 3 (in a row!) of her REQUESTING a veggie wrap for lunch 🙌🏼 Wrap + homemade ranch spread (non dairy!!) + cucumbers + orange peppers + onions + sun dried tomatoes + romaine = Mayhem approved plant based lunch 👍🏼 #WereStillAPlantBasedWorkInProgress

It’s #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth and every Super Hero needs their own crest. Fortunately, making one is limited only by your imagination, so hop to it! We think Flashy would be a great addition to the @dcsuperherogirls lineup - what's your Super Hero crest look like? Show us with #HeroesInTraining, Posted in partnership with Mattel

Couldn't stop the feeling if she wanted to 💃 #ButWhyWouldSheWantTo🤷‍♀️#HappySundayFunday

Stop, drop and shop! #VBxTarget is in stores and online NOW. Click the link in our bio to shop! And don't miss our very own virtual fashion show, on our story ;-) @TargetStyle #ad

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