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Our annual Anniversary Beerfest (aka Criderfest) is exactly one month away! Help us celebrate our 9th year in this incredible industry, by joining us with some of the people we admire, love & respect in beer. Joining us for the first time this year are:
@werkforcebrewing 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️
We’re also incredibly thankful to be pairing with @hopefortheday for the second year. Mental health affects all of us, directly or indirectly, and it’s ok to not be ok. All proceeds from our festival of friendships will be donated to @hopefortheday & @als ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ticket Link in Profile!

There’s a storm a-brewin’ in STL tonight. Literally. Grab some Uber fresh Brewligans NEIPA, Sunny Cat NEIPA w/ Tangerine, or a can of Heaven Hill BA Maple LSD (bringing out some special beers to cheers on them BLUES) and let’s root for the boys in blue 🍻💙🏒💙🍻#getchyasum #letsgoblues

Happy Sunday Y’all! Blues game will be one, beer will be flowing - stop by, grab a beer or two and let’s Sunday Funday! #getchyasum #goblues 💙🏒🍻

Hey East Coast Friends! If you’re in DC today, make sure to stop by @rightproperbeer’s Post-Savor event and say hi to Libby, and try ‘Cat & Mouse’, our @offcolorbrewing collab, as well as ‘Evolution of Friendship’, our @mikkellerbaghaven collab!
If you’re heading to @commongroundsbeerfest in Virginia Beach, say hi 👋 to Steve, who will be pouring our @perennialbeer collab ‘Intentionally Indulgent’ Tiramisu Stout & @centralstatebrewing collab ‘I Learned It From Watching You!’ Farmhouse Ale. Thanks for the already amazing hospitality y’all have given us, can’t wait to spend the next week visiting and sharing beers!

It's a sunny day, so it's a purrfect opportunity to release our Sunny Cat NEIPA with Tangerine! 4pks back on sale when we open at noon today, limited amount, don't wait!

We’re kicking off a 9-day East Coast visit with a Pre-Savor event @lostdogcafealexandria! 7 taps, plus more available Togo in package 🧡. Thank you Matt, Matt & team for organizing and your incredible support 🙏

It’s Keep The Glass Wednesday, and we have a new vessel for y’all! The Arc Rocking Glass will whirl & twirl, and always land back on its feet, just like Sunshine did in his younger days. Gold logo’d, with sweet Sunny posing on the other side - $10 gets you this glass and a fill of your choice. 100 glasses available 😻💛

Tonight we have #TriviaForDouchebags! Trivia starts at 7pm and sign-ups start at 6:30pm. Six rounds of music, movie, and television trivia. Great prizes every round! We’re giving away a set of #Criderfest tickets to the winning team tonight! A couple of hints for tonight in the image above for tonight's game. Good luck!

TFW you hit your target gravity 😍🎯🍻

Happy Saturday All! If you’re participating in The Hill’s Wine Walk today, find @2ndshiftscott pouring wine samples on Shaw Ave, next to @carnivorestl! He’s also sampling & selling some delicious beers - stay warm & dry folks!

Today's menu in the Tasting Room! As soon as Cranberry Katy blows we're putting on our @mikkellerbaghaven collaboration Evolution of Friendship. It's Friday, it's time to enjoy the weekend, swing by and enjoy it with us!

We’re always so excited when we get yeast from @melloknows & @bootlegbiology, but this delivery is incredibly special to us. Many of you have noticed that the past two batches of our Katy beer have not been quite how you’ve remembered them - while the nose was there, the body and the flavor were a bit light. We started to notice the difference in our last few months at our old location - no matter how we blended the barrels, the beer just seemed “Katy-Light-ish”. Ordering new yeast wasn’t working for this solera method brew, ordering new barrels didn’t work and we weren’t quite sure how to proceed with this beer - do we retire it? We hated to think that this was the best option, Katy was a beautifully unique brew and we were incredibly proud of the beer - insert Jeff Mello of Bootleg Biology & Matt Walters of @foedercrafters into the story. Both friends encouraged us to find “old” bottles of the beer circa 2013 and before - the Katy we loved and remembered in the height of our blending. We asked, and the response was incredible - dozens of old bottles of Katy came flooding in. We offered to pay, and not one of you whom brought bottles would accept - “Just bring the Katy that we love back” 😭. We tried the bottles, picked out a few that seemed to encompass everything we loved about the beer and sent them off to Jeff to see if there was any viable yeast to be harvested. Indeed there were and after many months of waiting and propagation, we have these 4 isolated Brett strains in our hands and now in barrel. After months of aging and patience we’ll sample the barrels, hopefully finding at least one that is the Katy we remember. From there we will (finger’s crossed) pitch that barrel to 4 barrels, and start to scale the batch sizes of the beer, slowly but surely. We know many of you have been wondering what happened to the beer, and we’re very very grateful for your patience - with hope and a little luck, this wonderful little Brett Beer will be back and readily available by late 2019/early 2020. 🙏 #KatyTedTalk

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