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#legend Jon Carlos  💹Entrepreneur 📝Fitness Guru, Gainz Guru 💪Rep up🌍 💪Personal Trainer 📩2muchgainz@gmail.com

Real squats for real gains
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When you take your pre workout and the gym Gods hit you with thunder . Gainz

Clean muscle ups on a beautiful day

Got a race track on my back too but i really got a bridge 🤔#underarmour #fitness

I can show you how to get them gains of years of constant battle and when your mind walks in the gym first then you on the right track. Its all about tunnel vision.

About to be a Turtle after this

Did 3 hours today non stop throwing iron around, showed her that im not going no where.

I don't do abs much like maybe once a week, but the reason is because I'm trying to bulk but when I get to my weight round 230 Im going to put more emphasize on my abs.

Everyday is a Transformation for me,making sure every rep count and most important being focus.

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I don't even have to flex to impress people. I Don't have the lats syndrome where I have to spread them or flex the shit out my arm I master the art of getting gains by the force of my energy and mind, I have lots of work on Building my masterpiece,some ask why, Why i go to the Gym,we'll here s one thing for certain No one can't take it from me. Instead of smoking ciggarretes,smoking blunts after blunts till the next day the same shit or drinking my life away I dedicated on working on the Temple of God.

Nothing into Something

#aesthetic #musclehealth #goldenera

I'm stronger cause I had to be, I'm smarter because of my mistakes,happier because of the sadness I known, and now wiser because I learned.

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