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Kara & Uno🖤  kara 🖤 eventer uno aka unokins 🖤 thoroughbred personal account @_im_kara_ featuring Trick🖤

Jumped a hogs back on Uno‼️🤪

Life is better through the ears of a horse‼️💖

even when I stop leasing this big boy I will always remember him to be my first true jumper. He has thought me so much over the last few months and I thanks him so much for that. I love you so so so so much Unokins❤️.

Jumped Trick 2’9 today and she was amazing. I’m really starting to love this girl so much and I definitely see more of her i’m my future💖

I’m falling in love😍

confidence level goes from 0-100 in one horse💯

low quality pictures, high quality horse. This is Trick she’s 15.2 and I rode her for the first time today!! We jumped 2’6 without a problem and we could go higher!! Just riding and looking at her for now. Still looking to find a forever pony!

we had a nice lesson together last week!! we were told to get 5 strides but Uno kept wanting to get 4 so we had to trot in and then canter!

This is Uno he is a 16 hand thoroughbred beast!! I am Kara!! I do Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage (even though it’s boring) welcome to my horse instagram!! You can follow my personal account @_im_kara_

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