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andy  I probably followed you for your pup πŸ“: LA/OC πŸ“§: info@andychen.co

Who let the dogs out 🌭
@doghausdogs did and I have no regrets. Except getting that damn song stuck in my head

People always tryna steal my food πŸ™„ but I get it. @bonekettle is just that damn good

You ever go to your local Cajun boil place and think, "my sauce needs more flavor and butter"? NOBODY HAS BECAUSE ITS ALL BUTTER AND SHIT MIGHT AS WELL CALL IT BUTTERIN CRAB. Thankfully, @crackinkitchenusa has opened in Pasadena and their three flavors actually let you taste the seafood you're eating AND you don't leave feeling like the tub of Country Crock you are

The best part of kbbq is getting more meat in the mouth than Bree Olsen. @eightkoreanbbq lives up with their 8 types of pork, amongst their entire arsenal of meat πŸ–

New curry items available at @mimimyunga πŸ› fried foods also available but they ain't new 🍀 healthy stuff also available but who orders that

Only things moodier than this edit are the chicks I date 🀷 for the rest of y'all, there's @eatsweetbird

Hey, they named another restaurant after me. I'm famous y'all 🐢
New Spring menu now available at @lazydogrestaurants ! Includes healthy and floral shit like gluten free lemon cake and burrata flatbread. Because florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Burger and fries again? Wrong, you filthy meat-eating animal Hitler - this is all vegetarian. The Beyond Burger is now available at @lunagrill πŸ” it's a plant-based burger that mimics the oozey juicy meatiness of cow flesh

Taking bets on how many of y'all mention noods in the comments πŸ‘‡
New @ajrestaurant opening soon! Find them at 14720 Pipeline Ave Suite B, Chino Hills, CA. Grand opening this Sat, 4/14 at 11am!

New πŸ”₯Hot n SpicyπŸ”₯ menu is now available at @stackedrestaurants !! Sadly I'm not on the menu but there's other stuff that's almost as good 🌢️

I'm on that couchella diet with these chicken and waffles πŸ—
but y'all Coachella kids can check out @roscoesofficial's pop up, Roscoe's After Dark on both weekends, from 9pm-5am because what is sleep? They'll be serving brunch-inspired drinks and some small indie DJ @snoopdogg will have a set on the 13th

Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good burg- wait this isn't good. @grazecraftburgers is fuckin great. Can't say great without Graze or something idk y'all come up with your own caption thanks πŸ”

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