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🏁dani/dan🏁  Ur neighborhood anxious goth gf she/they


Id really appreciate it if someone listened to me vent thx

Im so happy cause he's back :,)
@deathismygf πŸ’“

When i look at the number on the scale and my reflection

:))) im genuinely so thankful

I cant help but feel like school will make me feel uglier and more unworthy of being loved because everyone is so damn pretty
Its no ones fault except mines and i deserve nothing good

I saw my homeboy @uglyboibryan do this so go ahead y'all (Im not gonna turn off my phone tho lol)




I posted this about a year and a day ago and not to be that negative bitch but not much has changed. Yes, i have grown as person. But i cant really see it now. Im dealing with alot and its weird how i was willing to give recovering a shot a couple months ago but it never started. 2017 wasn't all that great. I met @deathismygf and managed to even get their attention on the first day of school which still baffles me and is a huge highlight in my life :) . I admire the little support i got this year during my hospitalizations and the aftermath my suicide attempts, even if i got negative feedback most of the time. I was greeted with open arms by my friends when i came out of each mental hospital and i am so thankful for that. This year i learned to be a bit more thankful but nothing too big, not enough to send me on the starting block of recovery.
I met people who actually needed me and im glad i did. Im sorry for wver pushing you guys away. Im a jerk, i know. Anyway, 2018 is coming and is overwhelming me because im in an extremely rough spot in my mind so i dont have much to say other than,

I wanna delete every single picture of myself ive ever put on the internet i regret taling selfies i regret showing people my body by wearing shorts and tee shirts and crop tops. Ill never be as pretty as the cute girls on here. Im just a lump of lard that wears too much makeup and needs plastic surgery and a fat suction.
Ive tried everything and i don't see a way out of this self hate

Let's do it

Grrr im so mad.
Everyone has such nice bodies.
All i want is smaller boob and a butt but instead im stuck with huge jugs and a flat ass and a fat stomach with stretchmarks and huge hips.
I just wanted an hourglass fingure with decent sized boobs and a pretty face with a jawline like all the other goth girls on here :(

Ily guys.

My everything, my life, my sweet angel decided to not only bless me with his presence, but give me the best Christmas ever
Love you πŸ’“πŸ’“

I had horrible anxiety last night and i didnt feel better until i fell asleep and then i woke up and felt better over the fact that im going home and seeing my honey bun then the horrible anxiety came back and all i can see when i close my eyes is vivid images of dying πŸ‘Œ

Hey I got discharged today and have so much love to give hmu

Me @ me

My true best friend

For me, this year is worse than 2016

Bae got a haircut and i BUSTED A FAT NUT they're so beautiful

I dont think ive ever made a post appreciating them but here goes nothing. Elliott is the light of my life pERIOD. I wouldn't be alive if ot weren't for them. They are amazing in any single way imagineable. They help me in a way i could never imagine. I owe Elliott my entire life. Life would be shit without them. That may sound a bit creepy but i really mean it. Heck, they've talked me out of killing myself once. It makes my day when i know they are here for me and will give me hugs and understands me. πŸ’“πŸ’“ thanks for making me worth something


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