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2DeadFrog  The peaks and troughs in a pictogram life.

Hello there!

This is a timelapse of the development of my participation in Gumdrop Collab # 3.
Take a look at the making of and download the After Effects project of this animation at 2DeadFrog.com

Or click on my link profile.

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Hurry up delivery guy! #urbanchars

I made this animation for a article that I wrote. 2DeadFrog.com. Take a look ! 😜

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Skater at the playground. #urbanchars

Now online. I hope you like it!

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🔸 Meet the boss! 🔸
This character will be part of a new pack. Free for D&M users at our Facebook Group 😊. .
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We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

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The DESIGN and MOTION Character Kit is a Adobe After Effects project with plenty of cool characters and great animations, but with one main differential: An incredibly easy way to create and customize characters and animations.

For more information access 2deadfrog.com

#aftereffects #motiondesign #motiongraphics

Hello! For over one year I've been working on this project that gave me so much work, and joy due the cool feedbacks that I received from you.

Right now I'm very happy to say that I'm at the last adjusts to release it.

For now, you can check out my Pinterest to see all the characters and accessories that will be avaliable when I release the project.


Thank you again for all the support!

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