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On our city stay in Wellington we knew the Zealandia Eco-sanctuary would be a "must do". This gothic style gear tower is located on the lower dam surrounded by native bush filled with birds and reptiles including the prehistoric looking tuatara and we were lucky enough to spot several of them on our visit.

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The Beehive is New Zealand's parliament building in Wellington city. I've always loved this distinctive building and what a stunning few days we've had weatherwise in the capital city.


The Wellington Railway Station is the finish point for our #NorthernExplorer trip. Love this grand old station, it's a striking part of the city's heritage trail.

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We took the Northern Explorer from Auckland to Wellington for a change of scene and what incredible scenery it is. We’re always taken aback by how green everything is when we pop home to NZ but the diversity of rolling farmland, small towns, the snow capped peaks in the National Park and the views from the viaducts over the valleys are constantly changing throughout the journey. πŸš‚
This shot was taken from the open air car behind the engine, a unique experience for us in our train travels to date and where we spent a good portion of our time out in the fresh air.
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So much has changed in Auckland in the years since we moved away but places like the Wintergarden in the Auckland Domain time stands still.

This old glasshouse is the temperate garden and its pair is a tropical house.

It's been so good this week spending time with all the people and places we miss.

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What strikes me most about New Zealand when we come home is how green everything is. In the late afternoon light the esplanade is a great waterfront walk. You can see the remnants of lava flows around here from Mt Mangere that erupted 70,000 years ago spreading lava over 5 kms and creating the productive volcanic soil that led to many market gardens in the area over the years.

A sure sign that summer is on its way is that the Pohutakawa, the New Zealand Christmas tree is coming into bloom with its spectacular red and green display around the extensive Auckland coastline.

We flew in this weekend with @jetstaraustralia and are so excited to be back in New Zealand visiting family and familiar places but equally taken aback by how much changes too.Β  Taking a look at a new walkway on the Manukau harbour this morning.

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We’ve had some amazing travel experiences this year with @JetstarAustralia.Β  From the natural beauty of Tasmania to the spiritual centre of Uluru, the city lights of Sydney, the world class wine regions of South Australia and we’re about to head back to our old home town in New Zealand for quality time with family and friends.
I love Christmas and our favourite gift to give and receive is time spent together and shared experiences.Β  With Jetstar Australia gift cards you can give family and friends the perfect present of being present these holidays.Β  The cards now have a 3 year expiry so even if your loved one can’t travel immediately they have plenty of time to put their gift card to good use.
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This small temple in Higashiyama is one you stumble upon as you wander the back streets. It's a riot of colour in any season with the fabric monkeys carrying wishes decorating the temple grounds and at this time of year many of the young women visit wearing bright yakata adding another splash of fun.
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This black soy bean tea or kuromame at Nishiki market is delicious. We've been offered a sample on a few trips to Kyoto now, maybe it's especially good because it's served with the respect a good tea should be in these gorgeous cups, not paper or plastic ones. 🍡
No caffeine, a bold rich taste and packed full of polyphenols known for their anti-aging and disease fighting properties and anti-oxidents it's a healthy and delicious brew. 🍡
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The lake at Eikan-do is super pretty at this time of year. The tea house here is a great spot to stop for a while and enjoy a pot of tea with dango, a sweet mochi treat.
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This small colourful temple in Kyoto is Yasaka Koshin-do. 🍁
The bright fabric balls are kukurizaru or good faith monkeys that you write your wishes on in place of the amulets you see placed in many other temples around the country
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