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Izzati Qistina  co-founder LeQiss perfume & spectrum.my Dm / ws for review πŸ™†πŸ»

#paidreview Original Rejected Sneakers only at @sneakervibe.co Yes! It's all original & prices at RM249 onlyπŸ”₯
@sneakervibe.co are giving away iPhone X for this Chinese New Year 2018 Check out @sneakervibe.co πŸ”₯

#paidreview Hi @xenthic.totebag baru launch handbag nama sendiri ! Boleh guna untuk raya juga hihi 😁 Normal price rm89. Launching offer price RM75 JE 😍😍 free postage. Whatsapp 0133307047. Untuk 20 orang pertama je dapat harga offer @xenthic.totebag


Awkward smile 🀣

i need vacay 😭πŸ”₯


Flip πŸŒ›

creativity 🐾

Stressed out

Fall in love with @mylaraskincare 😻πŸ€ͺ🌹

Korang nak tahu ape rahsia gigi artis cantik2??? Diorg pakai Smiley Coco yg Zati dpt ni 😍. Ramai yg dah cuba. You guys bila lagi? Smiley Coco ni boleh putihkan gigi korg dlm masa 7 hari shj. Yang best nye product ni xde bahan kimia. Semua natural daripada arang tempung kelapa organic. Korang nampak je hitam macam menakutkan tapi tak ade rasa and tak ade bau pon Smiley Coco ni. Plus the packaging is cute afπŸ˜†. Go check out @monsuta.store diorg tgh buat promo tu.

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