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Check out Chapter 18 of my Jack Gilinsky Fan fiction "Undercover": Phase Two.
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YASS. People need to stop acting so suprised that cameron won. We know they're rigged but he has one of the biggest fan bases and he deserves it.

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I just posted chapter 11. "Male Strippers" of my Jack Gilinsky fanfic "UNDERCOVER on @Wattpad. http://w.tt/1ICC2hB LINK IN BIO 💚💚 #Random #fanficton #jackgilinsky #JackJohnson #JackandJack #JackGilinksyFanfic #Vine #Calibraska

I just updated Chapter 10 -Wax Job of my fanfic "Undercover //jack. gilinsky on Wattpad http://w.tt/1H5vJ8i user: Lizxsmith LINK IN BIO
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I just published "6- I like How You Think." of my story "UNDERCOVER. //jack.gilinsky". http://w.tt/1Hu2qzl
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You should read "UNDERCOVER. //jack.gilinsky" on @Wattpad. http://w.tt/1ICC2hB #Fanfiction
Grace Steele is your average 18 year old- Aside from being the youngest girl to ever be working for the CIA. When she is recruited to go undercover and spy on the enemy's son will she be able to get the job done or will something else stand in her way.
✔Updates Monday Wednesday and friday✔
UNSEEN: Lizxsmith
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Im wiping down a booth at the diner when I hear my name being called. "Samantha, have you seen this?" Shawn shouts to us excitedly. "My "Break Even" cover has over 2,000 loops!"
"Nuh uh!" I grab his phone. "Shawn Oh my gosh!" Everybody was loving it. "Whoah bro 121.1k followers? We just brooke 110.k yesterday" I look over my sholder at Jack Johnson. Shawn and I became best friends with him and Jack Gilinsky on the first day of school. They had quite a following on vine too. Their video called "Eric and Winston -nerd vandals" had over 30,000 loops. "We should celebrate!" Jack G suggests.
"I wish I could but I have to work all night" I say sadly. "Its okay we'll wait up for you, we can catch a midnigt movie"
"And and you need to help us come up with more vine ideas" Jack J adds.
I can't help but smile. It makes me so happy that Shawn has gotten so many hits. And that ive made new friends, friends that I dont have to hide from my bestfriend.
I agree and tell them I will meet them later.
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☆Chapter 14☆
The last few weeks have been...okay. Nash not so mistakenly bumped Shawn Into the lockers yesterday & Maggie and Carter have been giving us death glares whenever we are in their line of sight. Guess they dont know how to appreciate the fact that Shawn didn't end up pressing charges against them. The fact that they were still badgering us and how badly Shawn and I got hurt, we convinced our parents to transfer us to the private school across town that i was orignially suppose to go too. That didnt stop Shawn from still being hung up on the fact that he didnt fight back. "Im going to the gym, ill be back later" "Shawn" I sigh. "You dont need to go to the gym" "Yes I do. Im way taller then them, i should have been able to take them." He says.
"Thats right you're the bigger person. You didnt stoop down to their level of immaturity, thats nothing to be ashamed of." I say, trying to make him feel better.
"Whatever im still going" he picks up his bag stubbornly and begins to walk out the door.
"Oh and by the way...I posted that cover you recorded yesterday". This makes him stop.
"You what?"
"Dont worry its amazing, and look it already has 900 loops!" I say excitedly. I persuaded him to start posting song covers. Hes been really shy about performing and even though its only 6 seconds long -its progress. "Whoah" he says, a smile forming on his face.
(I promise I will update more frequently, Im off of school this week so dont worry. The story is just getting good 😊😊😊. -please leave comments ⬇⬇/ vist my wattpad page⏩ [user:26magconfanfic] I have another Shawn story, the continuation of the Matt fanfic I posted on here, Camerob Dallas fanfic and "Omaha Boys Preference" 👍)
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"Why are you still here?" Shawn asks me getting his bag from the hospital bed beside me. "Well looks like I have a concussion" I say. "Wait what?" He asks. "Yeah, I was trying to get Carter to back off and he shoved me into the dumpsters." I explain. I can see his forehead wrinkle, hurting his bandaged eyebrow. But he quickly regains a blank expression. "I hate this." I say. "Im sorry shawn. Im sorry I didn't tell you they were my friends, im sorry I ignored you. Im sorry you got hurt and Im sorry I didnt stand up for you." I babble. "You're my best friend Shawn, I miss you" I say. He sits there and contemplates my apology. "You're so frekin stubborn." I huff. I can see him try and supress his grin. He gets up and walks towards me, extending his arms. I jump up and wrap my arms around his neck. I smile and hug him tight. "Nice song, by the way" I say. He pulls back. "I didnt mean-" he starts. "No its okay, I get it. It was good..like really good" and it was. I could tell singing really made him happy."you should put yourself out there-.Maybe you could get discovered" I say, Semi-Jokingly, he laughs "What are the kids at school going to think? They'll probably think its lame."
"Who cares what they think? They're idiots". I say. He laughs"True. Ugh those idoits distroyed my guitar" he huffs. "Dont worry" I say. "Well get them back"

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