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23wendell  I write about food and how it reflects and illustrates society, economics, politics, Brexit, migration and EVERYTHING. Sometimes I cook too.

Latergram. Last week at #elkano in #basquecountry when the fire died down they stacked the grill with red peppers which caramelised into a creamy sweet relish side dish delicious. I want a grill. I want one right right now. #grilling #cookingwithfire #fire #redpepper.

#chickensoup in the sunshine. #home

#spring is #peas prodded. A very satisfying Sunday chore listening to Brexit madness on the radio 📻

Two #turbot. Both caught at the same net from the same boat — but the top one’s belly is pale white and the fish is floppy— post rigor — and so ready for eating tomorrow. The red and bruised one is fresher — it died more recently and is in rigor and so stiff and should be kept for a day to eat tomorrow. Understanding #fish at #elkano in #Getaria on the Spanish #basque coast.

Roast whole #turbot at #elkano. Every part tastes different: the filaments sucked from the bones at the edges, the gelatinous cheeks, the stiff neck and the bittery chest. It is fin to tail eating. And the very best way to understand and respect the fish. Eat all of it, preferably with your fingers.

The four stages of undress of #hake throat that peculiar #basque speciality that is crunch on the outside and marshmallowy inside. Elkano serves them four ways from fried in egg to fried with out egg then grilled naked (the sweetest version) and the last dressed in traditional #basque green sauce. #spain #getaria

#turbot #grill at #elkano in #basque #spain. The fire was so hot it was impossible to stand next to it. It’s done — says Asier who was a fisherman for twelve years before he began to grill fish for the last fifteen years says It’s done when the skin is blistered the colour or roasted corn

Wire baskets to #grill turbot in at #elkano in #Getaria on the #basque coast of #Spain

The gold and silver scales of the #lantessa fish. I don’t know what the English name is — fish delivery in the morning at #elkano restaurant in the #basque port of #Getaria is the most important part of the day

And then I winkles my way through the knuckles and softly slippery pools of interior slime and sludge of roe and innards. You need the butter to appreciate the sweet, when you work to get at it, it tastes more delicious. #elkano in #Getaria on he coast of #basque #Spain

#lobster tail at #elkano — probably the best fish restaurant in the world in #Getaria on the Spanish #basque coast. Lightly dressed in a little vinaigrette it was happily chewy and crunchy and perfectly lobstery instead of the soft waterlogged version you get so often. Pictured with roe, models own. #lobsta.

One of big fat #lobsters that came through #elkano s kitchens on the #spanish #basque coast yesterday. The females have fatter tails to accommodate their roe. They were as blue and white as Chinese porcelain.

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