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239 Flies  Custom Flies • Fly Tying Materials • Instructional Videos • Step By Step Tutorials • Going Barbs Deep Since 2012 #BuildingFuzzyEmpires


I highly doubt those trees are still standing. We're still without power at the 239HQ but all things considered we were extremely lucky. There were many in Goodland, Everglades City, and Choko that lost everything. @compoundboardshop and @mangrove_maniac have been running supplies down there to those effected and they're damn good men for doing so. The first world luxuries we take for granted daily will be absent to many in the 239 for some time. I've lived in Naples for 27 years and this has been without a doubt the hardest punch we've taken. It won't take long for most to get back to normal quickly, but there's going to be some that will be forced to accept a new normal. And that really sucks. If you want to pitch in and help now, contact @compoundboardshop and work with them as they've got the ball rolling already and are kicking major ass. As far as things that need to be collected, reach out to @mangrove_maniac and @slfern as they've been on the ground recently. #EatShitIrma #239 #LoveFL

Thinking happy thoughts. #EatShitIrma #EveryoneTurnOnYourFans #239Flies • For those who are unaware, the 239 in 239 flies is an area code. That area code is currently in the path of #hurricaneirma. While the 239 is not projected to take a direct hit at this moment, it is causing a massive headache. Your patience is appreciated in regards to the speed in which orders are being filled. Everyone be safe out there.

I gotta admit Charley, that was a fun ride. 📸by Roald Dahl aficionado @nickshirghiophotography #239Flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #TestedOnAnimals #BeenAMinute #MegalolipopVictim #BadAssGlass@livit_films in the house

Redfish eating Snook flies, dogs and cats living together, #MassHysteria. 📸by Focused, Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm Class 5 Full Roaming Vapor slayer @livit_films. #DeerHairMegalolipop #239Flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #TongueRings ••• @mangrove_maniac @nickshirghiophotography •••

The Texas Gulf Coast has shown a ridiculous amount of support for 239 Flies since the very beginning. It's time to return the favor hopefully twenty fold. We're launching some fundraiser stickers with 100% of the proceeds going directly to The United Way of Greater Houston and The Texas SPCA in response to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. If you haven't donated yet, or have another $7.50 burning a hole in your pocket to do some good, grab you a sticker in the link in the bio. #239Flies

There are two quintessential patterns you should have in your inshore box, a shrimp and a small white bait fish. Here's a compelling argument for the rights to your small white bait fish.... #YouKnowWhereToGo #LinkToThePlansInTheBio #239Flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #deerhairmegalolipop #Macrohohoh #BuildingFuzzyEmpires

I look at my patterns like their my children. You don't want to play favorites, but shit Schmittenator, get your fucking act together. Legtastic Critter just got a full ride to a division A bay in a redfishes mouth. What you do today? Manage your fantasy baseball team? This fly is going places. Dangerous places. #239Flies #FlyFishing #RedfishFlies • How to in the link in bio ☝️🇺🇸 ON A SERIOUS NOTE: @howlerbros is doing a rad fundraising shirt to raise money for Texas relief efforts after hurricane Harvey. I'm getting mine tonight, you should too, please.

📬 S e n d ~ I t 📬 Getting to know my first glass rod. It's different. In a "this is going to be fun" kind of way. @echoflyfishing 📸by glass chess piece maker @nickshirghiophotography. @jon.roberson #239Flies #FlyFishing #FlyTying #BadAssGlass

There are few things in life better than a top water fly eat. And we can't talk about them here. #239Flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #GangsterGurgler • Link to those fine things in the bio •

Deer hair is a little magical. Like a Disney princess almost. 📸by king trident look a like contest winner @nickshirghiophotography @livit_films #239flies #megalolipopvictim • Roll your own in the link in the bio •

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