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239 Flies  Custom Flies • Fly Tying Materials • Instructional Videos • Step By Step Tutorials • Going Barbs Deep Since 2012 #BuildingFuzzyEmpires


Update: We are working our asses off to have custom flies available on 239flies.com shortly. For those of you who just joined us, we are a legitimate fly company, that actually sells flies. The problem we ran into is that we were so legitimate, wait times for custom orders began to exceed 2 months, and flies were only available by the dozen. These are great problems from our end, but maddening on yours. So changes have been made, and we are in the process of having our badass patterns available individually, and with next day shipping. That process takes a little time. We are now in that time. I thank everyone for their support, patience and patronage. #ItsHappening #ItsGoingToBeRad #239Flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #BuildingFuzzyEmpires

It's not the doll hair we deserve, but the doll hair we need right now. A suitable replacement for the discontinued pseudo hair has been found. The colors are not plentiful, but they include sand. We'll stock them shortly. #239flies #TheNightIsDarkestJustBeforeDawn #redfishflies #FlyTying #FlyFishing

Im betting that just the first half of these Rhea's Marsh Critters would get the job done. @livit_films #underconstruction🚧 #239flies #RedfishFlies #HalfOfSomeRedfishFlies #MixingItUpALittle #GonnaWreckShitInATX #Holiday6Packs

I would love to know how many times this dryer has spun. I then wish I could #math to know the cost break down per rpm....for accounting purposes. #239flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #BuildingFuzzyEmpiresOneRPMAtATime

Paul's (@money_guns_flyfishing_liquor) BMF Minnow has a lot going for it. For starters, it's pretty solid in the fish fool'n category. Secondly, it's dirt cheap to tie. Lastly, it's so damn easy to tie, you can master it in 2 attempts. Hell if you're pretty good you can probably teach your dog to spin them up for you in a couple hours. •Get your doggo some opposable thumbs in the link in the bio.• #239flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #TarponFlies #SnookFlies #RedfishFlies

Sometimes I like to use tarpon as ventriloquist dolls and make them read the Dr Seuss book tittles. And quite frankly I find it weird you don't. •You already guessed it, You already know, this badass photograph, is by Nick Shirghio. @nickshirghiophotography #239flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #EastCapeMusic #HeedTheCall #megalolipopvictim

Damn near every live feed, someone always asks either "What's your personal best snook" and "what fly should I throw at snook or juvie poons?" I usually respond with something like "No one gives 2 shits about anyone's anything," and "you should definitely throw some megalolipop hd #shade." And this is my favorite color. And the how to link is in the bio. #GetSome #YouCanTieIt #TieOneOn #239flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing

To the fans and everybody in 239 Nation, I’m sorry. I’m extremely sorry. We were hoping for an undefeated season. That was my goal, something 239 has never done here. I promise you one thing, a lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any tyer in the entire county wrap as hard as I will wrap the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the inventory as hard as I will push inventory the rest of the season. You will never see a ginger tie harder than I will the rest of the season. Dog Bless. #SlightPlagiarism #239flies #FlyTying #StillBuildingFuzzyEmpires •Photo by my emotional support dawg @nickshirghiophotography• And on a side note, whoever lent @mangrove_maniac the phone charger for my phone to keep the live stream rolling when I hit 6%, may you live forever.

Putting the 72 hour bender that was @icastshow back on the trailer. It was great seeing everyone again and putting some faces to names. To say I'm pumped for what lies ahead is a massive understatement. I'll be back to being a sleeveless asshole tomorrow but in the mean time a huge shoutout to my boys @wittrick and @socallies23 for bringing me along for the ride 🤙. @howlerbros @airflousa #239flies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #BuildingFuzzyEmpires

The patented trim tab and skeg line management system. @airflousa #239flies #UncleRicosPastaria #EastCapeMusic #BuildingFuzzyEmpires

It's not that I have a personal hatred towards redfish, but a personal hatred towards redfish, tarpon, snook, trout, bass, and peas. Not peacock bass, actual peas. They're terrible. #239flies #RedfishFlies #FlyTying #FlyFishing #BuildingFuzzyEmpires • There is a step by step video on how to tie this fly, the Schmidtinator, and it's located in the link in the bio. Everything you need to spin it exactly as you see here is also available on the 239flies.com👊•

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