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DeLane  🍍Slave to my own consciousness

Heute ich habe ein Fahrrad gekauft. Und wir haben meine Leute gesehen. #canyoutellionlyknowpresentandperfectconstructionsingerman

Missed out on Ed Boyden's talk while I got lost and carried heavy groceries uphill, on foot, back to my place the other day, but I got to see Jennifer Doudna talk today. #theDoud (for hashtag reference, listen to Radiolab's interview with Doudna #theDoud 😂)


Original Ramón y Cajal sketches, currently on display at UBC. The man saw some things, the man drew some things, the man concluded some things. #brain #brainonsomeothershit #pleasedontneglectthebrain

Tres flores, dos muertes, una semana

Vancouver washroom walls never fail

Went inland very soon after all the southern BC forest fires, porque soy #fuego #realizinghowinaccuratethegeotagisfornoncities

Picturesque lab photo on a bridge over a swamp, with 3 of us (me being the one right in the middle) bent over looking down wondering why the water is bubbling / checking what's holding the bridge up to see if we can jump or all sit over on one side, etc. #snyderlab #photocreditstothePI


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