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B’Challa🌊🧠⚡️  Chaotic Neutral.

I just wish she would’ve said “Period.” No but seriously #LadyGaga is a superhero. 🤟🏾

I could probably think of a billion different ways articulate how much you mean to me but nobody has time for that on this fine Monday Morning. I want you to know that even on days we don’t speak, and even during long periods of time when we don’t see each other, there isn’t a moment that passes that I don’t wish we could still live next door to each other, stay up till 6am and talk about what we would do during irrational life scenarios, draw out business plans on how to bag our new baes, and tell sadistically problematic jokes that could end our careers before we even start them.
You deserve to have anything and everything that makes you happy in life and I will continue to help you fine comb through planet Earth until we find as many of those things that your heart needs.
I love you V. Happy Birthday ❤️ Ps: yes I deleted your Resogun high score, nobody told you to barge into my room and shatter my high scores. It’s rude.

My energy 🗣
Listen up, Ye. If you’re still in there.
|🎥: @therealswizzz

Me as soon as the weather is under 70 degrees. ❄️

Leaders lead by example. 🐐🔥

The points are on the board. You can’t erase her legacy. If she never wins another title in her life, a black woman is the best athlete of all time. 🐐
And you’re just gonna have to be mad about it. 👸🏾🎾✨
#SerenaWilliams #OlympiaHive

While we’re uplifting #GeoffreyOwens, lets talk about how Claire Huxtable used to have to drag Elvin by the face for his “meninism.” 🤣

Nike is better than me because personally I would just let racists set themselves on fire 🔥🤣. But this is Olympic level petty. Well played. ✊🏾
|📷 @Nike

Me dodging all the fakes and liars on the path. |🎥: @therealtarzann

Invented work ethic. Happy Birthday the Legend. 🐐

This is exactly what my self confidence looks like. 🤷🏾‍♂️🗣😂

Speak it into existence 🗣
It’s all coming together✨

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