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So, I went shopping for shorts at Old Navy today. I picked out a couple pairs of 16's because that's what I've been wearing lately, as you can tell by the Crown and Ivy shorts I bought from Belks. As I tried them on, the 16's were falling off! I got frustrated thinking, "Oh great, the 16's are gonna be too big and the 14's won't fit me at all." Reluctantly, I tried a pair of 14's on and they fit! I have not lost any weight and have been wearing a pair of size 16's all day. This is just another example of how inconsistant clothes sizing for women are. The reason why I feel fat in certain store but flawless in others. #200poundbeauty #bodypositive #womensfashion #plusfashion #plussizediva

The motto I live by: Do you want to die knowing you could have ate that cupcake?

Work with what ya got ๐Ÿ‘Œ #200poundbeauty @kellyclarkson

One of the hardest things I struggle with is having confidence as a plus size woman, but I will never give up and accept less than I deserve. #200poundbeauty

Every dress I try on my first reaction is to think "I'm too fat" or "I have too many rolls", but then I tell myself, "You are a Bad Ass Warrior who looks to good not show off her rolls". Don't let your insecurities or what anyone else may think about you stop you from wearing what you want when you want. Life's too short not to wear cute dresses. #200poundbeauty

Just a little bit of #mondaymotivation #200poundbeauty

I am LOVING this warm weather.

I was asked to do a shout out for my brother, @jdb_arc_4614. Even though he's my family, he's still a human and in his words "husky". So, show him some love and if there is anyone who wants to be featured or there's someone who doesn't feel beautiful in their own skin let me know. #200poundbeauty #bodypositive #bodyimage #lovethewayyoulook

PREACH! ๐Ÿ™Œ This is exactly why I hate bra shopping. I can never find one either super cute like my small boobie buddies or one that fits, period. There is such a huge demand for affordable, cute bras for bigger breasts women and yet there's a limited supply of them. Why is that?? #200poundbeauty

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