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Sylvia West  ProudLovingMommyOf4👑🌞 Dancing Doll Denicia's Mommy💥 💪💖💄💞 #TeamDenicia #XFactor #GameChangers💲💯🏆⭐📚 #DD4L #YazooDoll https://youtu.be/toMVywO_5Ug

Their video drops in 30 minutes 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩. @iamcardib @brunomars @denicia4real @iamstard0m @1_sweetdanish when it drops... tag, Repost and tag and REPOST AGAIN!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

Thanks @_teamgamechangers for this Super Cute edit of our WonderTwinns✨✨✨. #Finesse #WonderTwins #Faith #Denicia #Besties #GCGang #GameChangers

When your bestie is your ROCK💎‼️ She’s more than a hunnid and that ain’t a word. If things go left, I hit her FIRST‼️ #SquadGoals #Besties #Sisters #denicia #faith @plies @denicia4real @iamstard0m #Rock💎 #FEMA #PurpleHeart💜


Just a Lil somethin’ while we’re waiting on her sisters to come back out. 💙✨💜 #Denicia #gamechangers #GcGang

Let me tell you about the “REAL” DANA (what a tv show can’t show you). I got a phone call last week that there was an urgent situation happening with my daughter but I was an hour away. I immediately hit the highway but I knew it would take me a while to get to her. While driving I called Dana... @ 6:23p.m she didn’t answer (she was working). I sent 1 text at 6:24p.m. simply saying, “I need you Friend”. She called back within the MINUTE. I’m driving in a panic and trying to explain to her what’s happening and she says, Is this a Prank (we joke and prank each other)? At that moment something in my soul broke 💔 I started crying because I wish to GOD it was a joke. All I could get out was, “Friend... My baby”. She simply said, “OK, You’re serious and hung up (in my face)”. I’m still driving, trying to regain my composure and PRAYING...she calls back a few minutes later and says, “I’m HERE, how do I get to her?” I was trying to direct her but I guess it was taking me too long so she starts yelling out the car to someone, Hey ...Is this the campus police and then I hear BANGING ON A DOOR (she’s bangin on the police station door like she was the 👮🏾‍♀️ ‼️ Long story short... she held it down until I could get there and was trying to take heads off in the meantime. #ThatsMyFriend #BumpThatShesMySister #1CallThatsAll #ThatsFamily #RidesHarderThanBlood #HeBetterBeGladHeWasArrestedBeforeWeGotToHim @1_sweetdanish I love you friend 💯. #GCM

@mswilsonrn texted me that it was a big performance for @__daija__ and she couldn’t make it because she had to work😢. So me being me, I dropped everything and hit the highway. Its SO IRONIC that the girls were standing on the floor when we arrived. As soon as we walk in Daija spots me and smiles; but then spots @denicia4real and starts clapping w/excitement. Next thing Coach D and all the girls turn to see who it was and then she calls Denicia on the floor with them and there were hugs, Hugs and MORE HUGS!!! So proud of my babies. #DD4LFamily #BigSisterDuty #MommaSylviaIsHere💃🏽 #SoGladWeCame #ItWasLikeAFamilyReunion #GcGang #GCM #DD4L #IfWeCanMakeItWeComing #TheyAreNeverAlone @iamstard0m @1_sweetdanish @1stladywest

I pray this prayer with her. She has such a sweet and GENUINE SOUL and actually cares about the people around her. I pray that she’s BLESSED with ALL THE GOOD THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER. That’s Denicia’s “NezzaBelle” 💖💖💖 @doegirlnezz @denicia4real

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