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In "ALL" things, know the difference! Don't confuse the two. Might save you some time.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

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D I R E C T! No sugar coating. Straight up. Even though you may not want to hear it.😒I'm grateful for the DIRECT people(few) in my life.
Can you think of that person or people in your life? Thank GOD for them. At times it's needed. If they truly love you and want the best for you, know that it comes from a good place.
Just reflecting on this Sunday! Feeling grateful😁

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤ #Direct #straightup #Listen #Love #Sunday

Grateful for the opportunity to interview Dr. Faith Wilkerson, owner of @unlockingrva. Read what she had to say to our young girls! **Click on link in bio** 📷: @iamthalogo

One of the most tragic things in life. Do you know of anyone holding out on their gifts? I do! Encourage them to release it, operate in it, live it!

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

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Small steps can lead to a bigger purpose. A step out of the comfort zone won't hurt!
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

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Bendable but not breakable.-@markitadcollins
Don't let life adversaries get the best of you. Life storms come and they go. This too shall pass!
#Lifestorms #Bendable #NotBreakable

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

That "thing" thought it had you, BUT nope!

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

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And even if you should fall, you get right back up. Where’s your fight? Turn your bad into good, turn your good to better and make your better your best. You don’t need, naysayers or cheerleaders to help you be your best self. All you need is your maker, the discipline, the will and some zest..the rest will follow. You don’t need permission to be GREAT. You just need the faith to know that you have it in you. You know, stop doubting it. #PracticeYourGreatness #WithPurpose thank you😌 😘#LOVEbytesByKeisha

I absolutely love watching this documentary!

Imagine if we gave a "lil extra" not only in LOVE but in LIFE!

Sometimes the EXTRA is so necessary-xoxo

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

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The every day.
Viola spoke about this on #BlackLoveDoc; are you committed to the everyday?? Give a little extra today, and tomorrow.
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Speak that thing into the atmosphere. The tongue which allows you to speak carries power. Use it wisely!
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged❤

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Bilhah's momma❤

One of the best blessings to date!

#HappyMother'sDay #512 💐🌺🌻🌷🌹❤

Love on yourself a "lil bit" today!❤ Happy Saturday😁

Be Encouraged, Be Blessed❤

He said "ma they gonna be mad when I catch the biggest fish." I got 💰 on my baby! He used to love fishing with his dad.

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