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Sheree Burton  Wife, Mom of 3, nutrition coach and fitness enthusiast. ❤️🤗 @1steveburton @burtonnutrition

Did you know that single leg moves can help with balance and stability? 🤔

Most people favor one side over the other. I favor my right, so my left side is weaker.
Unilateral exercises force the weaker side to work alone without relying on the stronger side for help. It also engages your core for stability. All these moves can be done with or without the box. 😉
1️⃣single leg deadlift
2️⃣pistol squat to box (or single leg sit to stands)
3️⃣reverse lunges
4️⃣curtsy lunges

I did 4 sets of 10 reps each side
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I thought hip thrusts would be appropriate to post on #humpday 😜 . The background music=reason I listen to my own music.😐
I love love love doing these! I think they’re game changers in the glute department without building the legs! .
Today I did these as part of a complete lower body workout. This was after my last set so I only got through 7 here. 😅
Warm up 10 min on stair climber

I did 4 sets of the following with reps of 20-15-12-10..I also went up in weight each time. .
✔️ leg press ✔️abduction machine
✔️hip thrusts
✔️sumo squats with kettlebell

Ended with a glute burnout of 5 sets of 10 bridges and 10 abductions with hip circle above knees. 🔥🍑🔥🍑🔥🍑
Try this for the burn of a lifetime!
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My love for fitness started at a very young age..As a kid I was always active. I did gymnastics, ice skating, cheerleading, and joined the swim team in high school just for the exercise. (I ended up loving it and was pretty good at it too!) 😉
My first job was at LA Fitness as a receptionist just so I could get a free gym membership. Ha! I can’t tell you how many times I was told that I would never get my body back after kids or that genetically my body would always look a certain way. I used all that negativity as motivation!

It wasn’t until after my first daughter was born that I really started eating clean and finally saw the results I was working so hard for! Now..3 kids later I feel better than ever! .
I did consider getting into the competing game but decided it wasn’t for me. I just wanted to be fit and healthy and encourage others to do the same. 😊

I work out 5-6X a week for no more than an hour. I eat clean most of the time but definitely have my cheats on occasion. #balance
There’s so much more to my story but wanted to shed some light on my background. 💗
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Saturday night and we’re all in our @vans 🤣 .
#notplanned #socallife #loveourvans #summernights #thebest @1steveburton

Get outside! 🌞

This was my first workout in a week! It felt great but was difficult to get through! #longweek

There are benches (and trash cans 🙄) like this everywhere! I’m always trying to find ways to get somewhat creative with my workouts..especially when I’m short on time..and with 3 kids, that’s MOST of the time. 😉

I ran 1 mile to warm up and then did 5 rounds of this circuit.. 💫50 reps of the fast toe ups
💫20 reps of dynamic step ups
💫10 each leg pistol sit to stands
💫10 each leg split squats with jump
💫12 push-ups.
Another 1 mile run 😳

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I spotted this perfect rock while on my run! It was probably around 24” high.
Box jumps have a ton of benefits! You use every muscle in your legs to jump, not to mention your arms, back and core. Very beneficial for strength and balance. .
Try landing softly on your feet when you jump up! #happyjumping
#jump #boxjumps #strongnotskinny #befit #fitmom #getjumping #fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #nevertoolate #youcandothis

Part of a kettlebell circuit I did today.. swipe left...⬅️ Kettle bell swings (drive through your hips with these, not your arms)
Squats with kettlebell, alternating arms (again, squeezing glutes at the top)

Single leg deadlift with kettlebell. I still lose my balance a little with these! You really have to keep your core tight!! Warmup was 10 min on stairclimber level 7.. 5 sets of 10 reps each
Finished with 1 mile run
#beastmode #kettlebellcircuit #workitwednesday #humpdayworkout #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #fitmom #gettingitdone #fitlife #dedication

This is so good, I had to post it! My one child (Brooklyn) that likes bananas LOVES this!!
Regular ice cream has so much added fat and sugar. My kids like something sweet sometimes..who doesn’t?? So I’m always looking for ways to be creative and make something that tastes good but isn’t junk!
This is super fast and easy too..
I used
3/4 of a frozen banana (sliced) it has to be frozen to get this ice creamy texture
1/4 cup almond milk (you can use any milk you like)
1/2 scoop @burtonnutrition vanilla whey protein powder
Throw it all in a blender. I love my vitamix for this and blend!
One serving is approx
140 calories
12 G protein
10 Gsugars (all from banana, nothing added)
1 G Fat
20 G carbs
Would be a good post workout snack too!
#goodeats #fitlife #healthytreats #fitkids #fitmomlife #eatgoodfeelgood #burtonnutrition #proteinicecream

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