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good gal

u can catch us passing around skittles, hiding everyone's phones during random spotchecks (but usually i got to do the job since i was an insider) eating maza's food cs her mom's food tho...bomb. random rap battles and then meet again at night at get A. NWAY thank u anis for bringing us together again ❤ i felt like i was 13 again.

i will always love nisa's open house tbh

u should alrdy know im the closest to this one. i literally spent every week w this girl when we were in primary. her place was my place, her clothes were mine too, her mom IS MY MOM ALSO (zaf who??) i used to feed her cause she would be too lazy to eat. we danced and sang to hsm, hannah montana and cheetah girls in front of the mirror and kak wini would tell us to be quiet. we only fought once and its because she tried to "ruin" my bratz book but that fight only lasted for a day bcs she called me and said sorry (duh u better be) when she cries, ill cry too like automatically. when she told me she enrolled at uni in singapore, i sent her a pic of me crying. i cried because i was happy for her but also because shes gonna be away from me for quite a while. im rly rly rly rly proud of her. im sorry i cried when i said i wasnt gonna cry but damn sis i thought i could try but nope. i already miss u and i hope ur gonna be okay there without me because duh what would u do without me :-( ok more like what would i do w/o u ok bye im gonna cry myself to sleep.

bangkok whats gud? ☀️

yes guys im taken. taken for granted

happy father's day to my dads ❤

hello if got open house pls invite tq ❤

im a walking ketupat today selamat hari raya!

discreetly trying to take a selfie

a lil throwback (the left side of my face is super swollen rn so why not)

happy bday @fatihahaisyah ❤ miss u a lot cant wait for u to be home and kacau u 24/7. pls know that i will end anyone who tries u (aka........ nvm) lol love u pompom 🦁

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