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Giethoorn was really amazing but i think the most important part was i got to fulfill my speedboat dreams??? Minus getting stuck in shallow water for like 45 minutes 😢

Being fashunable in Milan 🇮🇹

Milan was awesome!! No regrets at all cause of this bunch :’) really appreciate you guys for being so fun and easy to travel with! I wish we could have spent more time at Lake Como/rented a speedboat 😢

Just chillin’ in my castle lookout 👀 hols are finally ending 😢

Visited Delft for the second time!! (though the first time didnt rly count because all we did was go to IKEA lel)

Weekend trip to Brussels!! 🇧🇪 Not really an art person but Magritte’s work is rly 👍🏻

Missed CNY this year but it’s been amazing here 🇳🇱 cant wait to see more of the Netherlands!!

Thanx guys for surprising me and seeing me off!!! Leaving SG was sad but ya’ll made it so much more bearable!! Here’s to the start of an awesome exchange experience 🇳🇱✨

"Okay ben 1 min you can go alr" // not sure why they asked us to fight but i had fun nevertheless LOL ✨ @zhengguangg thanks for the spar 🙏🏼

100 kick burnout today 🙄 its a lotttt harder than it looks. apparently the thai standard is 100 kicks in one minute ded (1.4x)

Went into beast mode last night - months and months of training paid off and I was able to walk away with my second win 👊🏼 // thank you @shannonphua @aelecia @pisto1a1a for going through this journey with me, it wouldn't be the same without you guys. Thank you to @ching.ss for tanking all the work from AMAS and finding me a fight. Lastly, thank you to everyone who supported me through text or in person!

Mfw when people get between me and my food 🥘// originally planned to post this for my upcoming fight (which unfortunately wont happen) but i'll settle for promoting our TeamNUS Muay Thai attire! Huge shoutout to @ching.ss for working so hard for us over these past few weeks 👊🏼

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