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  you killed what was left of the good in me I'm tired so let me be broken


why did no one ever teach you
that you cannot turn people into homes?
people are rivers, ever changing, ever flowing.
they will disappear with everything
you put inside them.
- "People Aren't Homes" Nikita Gill

such a cutie // ignore my dirty windowsill

I have an addiction

help me they're too cute

prescription for happiness

le beau est toujours bizzare
// the beautiful is always bizzare⠀⠀
- Charles Baudelaire

when you see it 👀

this little cutie kept chewing on my hair 😂❤

little Rascal was my favorite ❤

I want one so bad 😭❤

she's had to pee like four times in the past five hours

☼ ☼ ☼
if our emotions had colors,
would yours and mine match ?

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