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First off RIP J Dilla!! @kalvin.love Mixtape Droppin very soon send beats to spankydankyy@gmail.com 🙏🏾♻️❤️ I'm not a killa
But kill beats
From j dilla
I'm like Tyson
It's thrilla in Manila
I'm jus feeling how I feeling
Cuz my vibes is on the ceiling
Eat healthy no need for pensulin
Want more than millions
My mind a billion
I Reside with the stars
Living like a rock star
It's so smooth
Nigga fuck the rules
Reinvent yourself
Try some shrooms
Lose the shoes
And Gain the groove
Gangs was cool
Then drugs came thru
It's a system
Nighas ain't trappin
You trippin
Flappin flippin
My mind will not give in
Make shit
that you honestly feelin
Is one of hell of feelin
And hell I don't dwell in
I'm healing with Helen
Big fella tell me why is you jealous
Cuz I'mma soul rebel
Still ain't sold to the devil
And my mind is rebellious
And I will not sell it
Time is not ticking it's sailin
Surfin with a purpose
It feel good when it's workin
South side
Riding with my hittaz
Like Dawgs
No hog
Still a vegan with the sequence
Niggas beefin with the reaper
Actin like they don't see Em
Man I bet that on a 10 to 4
You ain't even gotta sell ya soul
Cuz ya rhymes is the Antidote
I'm feeling grown
But the feeling old
It's different shades
Like Lemonade I always been this way
This is a classic
Like when I took acid
Don't put me in casket
6ft deep
Cuz I reside in the sea
Resting with my mama sea
I'm jus relaxin
And rappin
While nighas think they poppin
This shit awkward
I'm in the back jus watching
The Game unfold
The fame has shown
That this isn't what spank would want

@dizzyhippy 🙏🏾♻️



Your food is fuel. We are worried about cures when we should prevent diseases and sickness from the beginning. Starts from the roots! Children eat your fruits ain't nothing wrong with meat but kno that we aren't eating the same meat our ancestors once hunted for and ate. Everything is designed to weaken you! Don't fall for the illusion of "good food". Bless

When your in tune with yourself and Mother Nature you can experience life the way it was intended. ♻️ #GreedKills #LoveHeals

Yes I posted research from a doctor saying it was bad for you but this is research from a different Doctor @holisticali do me a favor and follow him.

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