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1 Love Dog Rescue  Our mission is to save all dogs, no matter what it takes! 1 Love, 1 Heart. Let's get together and save some 🐾 Please donate to support our efforts👇🏼

Rainy day fun day at 1 love dog rescue! Cute little batch of babies! They need some new fluffy beds! They all all for adoption and waiting for you!!

Five new dogs rescued from San Jose shelter.I’m on my way home and they are on their way to start a new life. Please do make sure that you all share the wonderful other dogs we have for adoption. I know that when it rains it tends to slow adoptions down but we need to find some little friends a new home.

Another glorious day to rescue some dogs. On my way to the San Jose shelter battling traffic and weather to save a few more lives. Adoptions have been relatively slow lately and we really need to be able to pick it up a bit so that more dogs are rescued out of the shelter which is always the primary goal. There are a lot of wonderful dogs on my website and Petfinders is an easy way to share links of available dogs for adoption. I have one of the most funniest cutest little multi-Pooh puppy dog name Skippy that nobody seems to notice and would love a new forever home. Please share some of the wonderful dogs we have for adoption on our website @1lovedogrescue.org @sanjoseanimalcarecenter

A very hard day for me today as I watched my little handicap baby leave to start his Physical therapy with Marcy @onemoredogrescue. We will still be trying to work to earn money and raise donations so we can get him into a wheelchair immediately. Hopefully with his wheelchair in a few weeks of physical therapy and swim training, we are hoping he will be a happy and normal functioning dog. Please help support us as we try to change this little babies life.Send Marcy a big thank you for taking on this huge task. If you would like to help out in anyway you can donate on our website@1lovedogrescue.orcWe need to raise around $400 for his supplies.

Hey very lucky day for Tahoe joe on his way home to live the life we had hoped for. He is now headed to Truckee. From living in a shelter to now living on a large property with lots of acreage and the ability to just be a dog.

List of new shelter dogs available for adoption! New profiles to be listed soon. Number one. Female Pomeranian roughly around five years old, 6-7 pounds. Number 2. 2 year old male cockapoo, 25 pounds. Female toy poodle, 8 Years 7 pounds. Male maltipoo, 10-12 pounds 2 years. 2 year old male lassa who is blind but gets around like he can see. 18 pounds. #adoptashelterdog

Yesterday we received a beautiful new puppy into Our rescue organization. A French bulldog and so crazy he looks remarkably like my dog Popeye. The dog was brought in from another country and the owner of the dog originally kicked him in the head and then took him to the vet to have them euthanize him. The veterinarian refused and he was given to another family with nine children. He was left with a slight neurological issues that gives him kind of a bobble head once in a while. It doesn’t affect his mobility or life it’s just part of who he is now. Is very sweet and loving and playful. The family with nine children then gave them to another lady who had all of his medical services done but unfortunately her larger dog did not like Bruno.All of his medical services have been completed his neuter rabies warming microchip and health check. He is very healthy happy loving 25 pound sixmonth old French bulldog. He does have a higher adoption fee as these are extremely expensive dogs and his owner requested we keep it high to help our rescue with medical bills. If you think you have a wonderful home for this beautiful French bulldog I will be very picky but please send your information at 1lovedogrescue@gmail.com you can check his profile at 1lovedogrescue.org #frenchie #frenchbulldog #frenchbulldogforadoption #frenchie #fenchielove #lovemyfrenchie #bruno

So happy to see another sweet little dog find a new forever family.

Today is a really nice day and seeing another shelter dog find a new forever home makes it all the more better. This poor little dog was used as a puppy mill and then dumped in a shelter. She had Memory masses that needed to be removed and biopsied. We had them checked and she is clear of any major issues. Bye baby girl I will miss you.

3000 pounds of dog and puppy food including some much-needed cat food delivered to the Front Street Shelter. Elvis is a little sad to see the food go. @frontstreetanimals

Please help share share share! We need your help. After doing a bunch of research I found that the best listed item was sold from the same place that I bought Macy's wheelchair. We ended up sending it back after she passed away it was just too hard for me to look at. So these are the items that we need. We will need to raise around $400 to buy the equipment to make sure that this puppy has the best opportunity to be a fully functioning walking dog. If you are not up-to-date on the story this puppy was born without the use of his back legs. Basically it's like if you sat in a wheelchair for six months. Ultimately his back half works properly but his muscle tone hasn't caught up with the front half. We would like to try to raise this money as quick as possible so I can order this chair and get him moving around right away. If you would like to help out please use our donation button on our website@1 Love Dog Rescue.org. We do not normally use crowdfunding sites as they take a long time to recover the money and also take a percentage. Thank you all for your continued love and support for a little handicap puppy Forrest Gump. #wheelsforforest love you all.

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