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σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fαи ραgє💕  one direction 🇬🇧🇮🇹 ∂ιяє¢тισиєяѕ fσя ℓιfє! 💕😬 Owners: Kayla💕& Gabby🌸 Goal: 100🔓200🔓300🔒

to all of those people who have done self harm... u are not alone. and u will never be. Please repost to show Kacey she is loved. I really care about her and it hurts to see her like this... #repost #staystrongkacey

Credit to @idckaitlyn for the idea!! I loved it sooo much! btw great job on it! :) I bet u had lots of fun! XD

We're together forever!! I love you gabby :) We tried this sooo many times but we failed all times 😂😭this is still a fail tho!! :) I love you till' the very end, and it's our last year together :( I will miss you! @gabbypayne09

#mcm #mancrushmonday Taylor Caniff is my man crush Monday! love him sooo much, and hope I get to meet him soon! :) @taylorcaniff #taylorcaniff

It's a new Niall Horan Imagine.. And far back when, I promised u guys 20 facts about me :/ So here I go..
1) Favorite Color is Red And Blue
2) Im veryyyy weird.
3) I love the MAGCON family sooo much!
4) Im short.. 4'10
5) Im in Junior High.
6) I live in Cali.
7) My favorite member of 1D is Niall Horan :) 8) I hardly sleep.
9) I love music.
10) I love Taylor Caniff.
11) Im considered a nerd/dork.. which means Im considered smart.
12) I play the flute and piano.
13) One of my best friends is gabby :P
14) My favorite viners is Taylor Caniff, Cameron Dallas, && Matthew Espinosa.
15) I have long, medium brown, wavy hair.
16) I like to play sports, such as, volleyball && football.
17) My favorite youtuber is O2L, well actually favorite youtuberS.
18) I hate English.
19) You should go follow @itwerkono2l
20) I love THG series!! :P

a drawing i drew for me and gabby... gabby is the one with the blue bow and braid.. and I'm the one with the Veryy long hair.. that's how long my hair is anyways lol.. :)


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