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What's the fuss about?
The air is dirty and free,
You have to genuinely live to see
whom you'll genuinely live to be
So Don't PLAY like Tyler Perry
"Higher" is always waiting
And Soon you'll be found!


Life is somehow, and the
pain is real, I know and
You wont get healed
If you never reveal.

We all loose when family feuds,
Fuck! We are all screwed,
Because we Never had tools.

#Jayz #4_44
#Smile #ArtAtHeart

We clearly don't know how
Special we are to be a Nigerian.
Or maybe we do, but not anymore.

To have had someone great,
like Madiba, envision the
greatness of Africa around
our great nation, is in its
real sense a "motivation".
If you take a critical look,
The vision called everyone
a stakeholder, man and
Woman, old and young,
because we make the NEWS
NEWS of Hope, triumph,
Greatness, Victory, Resilience
and the NEWS of a United Africa

Let's be united!

The most beautiful people
we have known are those
who have known defeat,
known suffering, known
struggle, known loss,
and have found their
way out of the depths.

These persons have an
appreciation,a sensitivity,
and an understanding of
Life that fills them with
compassion, gentleness,
and a deep loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.

Cc:@mz_ommiee @raveonnix @toksybright

"While my heart is a shield,
And I won't let it down,
While I am so afraid to fail,
so I won't even try.
Well how can I, say I'm alive..." 🎵

Let your curiosity
Outweigh your fear!

📷Credit: @mz_ommiee

"Shining like old diamonds,
Learning to have patience,
Only cause you are timeless.
The universe energy doesn't lie,
And this chemistry is infinitely
tossed at a million times,
I wrote a million rhymes
describing your star power,
And after 24 barz, you get 24 hours.." #UnAwareVibes
📷Credit: @raveonnix

The blind were thought
to be insane by those
who couldn't hear the

So, she asked me "why are you
still single and not married?".
ha ha ha ha ha! , I laughed almost
to tears, but deep down it hit me
like a ton of bricks, so I answered
"of cos I'm gonna get married but
these days THERE ARE MORE
and that's scary.." #DontStopYourJoy

Deep down, You know
We're not Friends,
And Life is filled with
Corners and bends,
Today you nothing,
Tomorrow you're star,
Echi'di nme kankwaka dim


I promise that I know you very well,
Your eyes never lie even if they tell
sweet lullabies that come with a smell
Of a dozen roses flippin' down the green hill
You living in a world that come with plan B
Cause plan A never really a guarantee
And plan C never could say just what it was
And your plans only can pan around LOVE,
You love him, you love them, you love her
You love so much, you love when love hurts
You love red-bottom & gold they say queen
You love hand-bag on the waist of your jean
You love french tip & trip that pay for
You love bank slip that tell you we paid more
You love a good hand whenever the card dealt
But what love got to do with it
when you don't love yourself...
#PartOne #Real

I silently Pray
🙏I pray for the ones who
have given up on hope,
The Hope for a future
of love, faith and joy
🙏I pray for the lonely,
the sick and the lost,
That someone would take
the time to reach Out
🙏I pray for those secretly
living in pains, In Nigeria,
Aleppo, and the world

I silently hope,
💪I hope for a future,
a better tomorrow,
For people who need
compassion and care,
💪I hope that bitterness melts
with the touch of a heartbeat,
💪I hope for the love that we
can give one another.

For are we not meant for one another?


In Jab Tak Hai Jaan, a movie
An Indian army officer named
Major Samar Ahmand was
about to diffuse his 98th bomb
and has never worn protection
jacket in his entire army career.

He was asked by Akira Rai
“Why Is it that you dont wear
bomb suit before diffusing a bomb?“
He took a pause and replied,
“Yeah, Bomb suits are meant to
Protect you from danger, truly;
It protects you from getting hurt,
Or being wounded and all.
But more than BOMBS, its LIFE
that hurts you. At every corner
there's BETRAYAL, some PAIN,
If we don't wear BOMB SUITS to
Save OURSELVES from the danger
Of life, then whats the point of
Wearing it to save us from DEATH?

Everyday, life kills us a little,
A bomb will kill us just ONCE.
But today, I'm Grateful for


It's not love, but it's pretty CLOSE,
Hot fudge and a little SMOKE,
Hands locked on my black
couch with nothing to do
Can't stop on cloud 20,
Buried in the drugs,
but the feels keeps COMING,
Finally stop crying,
but your nose is still RUNNING
Wipe it on my shirt,
ha!ha, yeah use the sleeve.
Its all about who you HAVE,
When you're at the lowest ebb,
God, Friends, family or foe,
Strength, Money, joy or Hope.
One soul two halves,
No jokes who laugh.


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