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1derful1direction  I just really love One Direction, okay? Forever stalking the boys and getting feels from them :) Once you're in, you'll never get out... Be warned!

2013 is nearly over, and it's so close to the start of 2014. This year has been filled with both good and bad. Through new and lost friendships and joyous laughter and sorrowful years, this year is another year of full of memories. May the new year be a great year for everyone. Use this new year as an opportunity to love the life you've always wanted. Do things that make you happy. Don't be afraid to try new things or be yourself. Here's to the new year!! :) bless you all!!

Sorry I've been absent! I had some things to deal with, but I'm back!! I've missed you guys! How've you been? :)

He's so fine. Mmmmm, me likey!

Sometimes, I just hate everything.

Sometimes, I forget this account even exists...

Boys are instantly sexier when they put on a pair of glasses.

I hate when artists I like are on tour, and they skip over my city. Like, come on... Dallas is a major city in the US. Come play a show for me pleeeaaaassseeee!!!

September 11, 2001. A day of tragedy. A day of chaos. A day of fear. A day of tears. A day of panic. A day of loss. A day that will always be remembered.

Harry got a new tattoo!! :)

I just preordered Midnight Memories. It's the first 1D album I've ever bought, and to be honest, I'm quite excited for it. I really hope the album lives up to the boys' claims of the song being more rock-sounding and more mature because I'm tired of the pop teenager shit we've been getting.

Can we all please say a prayer for Andy, Liam's friend? Due to an accident, he has 20 degree burns and is currently hospitalized. His friends and family says that he's gradually recovering, but all the prayers will help. Thanks to everyone! Bless him!

Hiiiiii. Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've just been a bit stressed over school and other such things going on in my life. How've you guys been though? Good, I hope!! :)

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