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hey bby🍃  dιαnα, lєт мє вє тнє σnє тσ lιfт уσυr нєαrт υρ αnd ѕανє уσυr lιfє ~ ι dσn'т єνєn тнιnк уσυ єνєn rєαlιzє, вαву уσυ'd вє ѕανιng мιnє.♡

agh thursday was perfect😍

freaking freak freak abanskHhahjshabshaiqhahhajahHSHAIABSJQJSBDJDOSJWHSHHSH 5sos one direction is about I come up im dying guys

crying bc i'm seeming them tmrw omG this isn't real

love this kid tho ||
you guys won't believe it but in the 14 weeks i was gone (sorry about that) i learned how to play guitar👏

exactly👏👏😂 happy new year bbys🎉

#accurate so i love it when you guys are active, please like and comment as often as you can :) || #onedirection #1d #niallhoran #liampayne

guys if i do a few shoutouts right now please don't unfollow, i just want to slowly regain the 1k i lost. don't worry i'll delete them after a little bit. :)

"harry.. are you alright?" liam gently puts his hand on harry's shoulder.
"...yeah, yeah," harry barely utters through light sobs and hiccups.
"i just.. i just miss her so much, liam. i can't stand to live without (Y/N)."
"i'm sorry, mate." liam gives harry a small pat of condolence on his shoulder before he leaves harry to himself and his grief.
harry remembers your smile and bows his head into more sorrow and tears.
feedback? :)

idk guys this was my first one but i think it turned out ok
I'm just proud of myself for figuring out how to make this doe

gangsta bro🙌

seriously tho happily is one of the best songs the boys have ever made.
ok i'm sweating to death like i played kiss you on just dance 2014 and i'm telling you it's a full on work out😂

and happy birthday lou, so crazy that you're actually 22. you've come so far since x factor and continue to inspire me everyday. love you.♥️

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