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we're proud if you Louis! ♥  🌸the band that lost xfactor but won the world🌸 GOAL 400 Sara's fanfic in @maybeitsthewayhetwerked's bio! Brinnie's fanfic↓


Imagine: You've been best friends with Niall since you were little. You also had a group of friends who called themselves "The Pack." The Pack didn't like Niall, and Niall didn't like The Pack, but they were all your best friends. One of the girls in The Pack, Jocelyn, always bullied you, but since you were friends you always knew she was joking. The rest of The Pack always told you to stand up to her, so one day when she went too far, you finally did. Contrary to what you expected based on their demands, the whole Pack turned on you. They called you crazy, they called you a bitch, they accused you of saying things you never said. One day in class, you got a text from one of them that just went to far. "You're a crazy bitch. I think so. My mom thinks so. We all think so. And we don't know why we were ever friends with you," it read. Luckily, this was the one class you had with Niall, so as you excused yourself to go to the bathroom with tears fighting to break free, Niall ran out after you. "What's wrong, y/n?" he called from behind you. You whipped around, throwing your arms around him, crying into his shoulder as you thrust your phone into his hands. He looked at all the texts from the past few days that signified all your friends leaving you. "Y/n, you're better than them. You know that. You deserve so much more than them. So you have fun when you're with them! But do they make you feel good about yourself?! Do they treat you right?!" You had expected him to say "I told you so," but you knew he would never do that. "You were right, Niall. Why didn't I listen to you?" you sob, "I should've never been friends with them." <continued in comments>

Omg! Its a real song!? Am I the only one that didn't know that?

I've never seen anything so perfect😍

Omg he's so freaking cute! I mean how can you not love him? Seriously though! Just look at his eyes and His hair! He is just so perfect!

#nbniallproject I'm doing it all except the Irish accent cause I can't speak in a Irish accent to save my life

No!!! Not Niall :'(

aww babbyy

Sorry if I took this from u, just leave a comment and I'll give credit and the we'll get over it and move on with our live k? K bye


Ok 1. Brinn 2. @maybeitsthewayhetwerked 3. Idk 4. Music!! Read (but I'm not really a nerd) 5. Oh god to many to tag 6. DIRECTIONERS!! 7. In a relationship with Louis Tomlinson

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