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He is worthy of all! And at the Name of Jesus all is brought to peace and the storm that surrounds breaks at the sound of His voice. In the Name of Jesus the waves within the troubled soul are stilled as the heart is reminded that He will be exalted among the nations and He will be exalted in all of the earth. A miracle can happen now because the Spirit of the Lord is here! There wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t forsaken. Oh what a Savior! Isn’t He wonderful, sing Hallelujah, for Christ is risen! Let us now down before Him because He is Lord of all. Oh the overwhelming and never ending and reckless love of God! There is no shadow He wouldn’t light up or mountain He won’t climb up coming after me! There is no wall He won’t kick down and no lie He won’t tear down coming after me! Here I am to worship and here I am to bow down, here I am to simply declare that You are my God. You are good! SO SO GOOD! And You’re never gonna let me down! Because when the third day dawned the ground began to shake and the stone was rolled away as Your perfect love could not be overcome! I have seen You move God, You love the mountains and I believe that You will do It again because You work all things together for my good! I seek You earnestly in a dry and parched land where there is no water and am fully satisfied and refreshed in Your presence! Your promises do not return void and upon my life they fall like the rain. I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God!! He split the sea so I could walk right through it and drowned my every dear in perfect love! WOW!!! So many beautiful lyrics within the songs that God led these worship teams to write and lead us in tonight! I am in awe and overflowing in so much gratitude to be a child of God and to praise Him with such amazing sisters in Christ!!! @verticalworship @mosaicmsc @bethelmusic @christinecaine and @elevationworship I am so inspired by how you are stewarding the gifts God has called you to walk in! Y’all are such warriors of His kingdom and champion people in His Word so so well! Thank you for leading us in such awesome praise tonight at the @outcry Tour! GOD IS GOOD! Thank You Jesus for being our hope!

this beacon of light makes my heart smile bigger than my face can:-)😍

Hey lovely and oh so loved pals I wanted to send mighty hugs and bucket loads of gratitude to everyone who prayed over my concussion this past week! God is so beautiful and I am so thankful for how He overflowed my cup through intentionally dwelling and resting in His arms! He is our Healer! Sweet people by His wounds we are healed! I also want to acknowledge the video that was made with the intent to bully me because of my reckless love of Jesus. And I want to remind y’all of the gospel, that God loved us so much He sent His one and only Son to die for all of us so that whoever believes in Him, they shall not perish but have eternal life. Jesus had every right and reason to quit on us and to give up on us and not love us because of how we turn from Him and choose darkness instead of light, but He didn’t. Instead He became sin, Who knew no sin so that we might become the righteousness of God! He made a way for us when there was no way!! And because Jesus didn’t give up on me when He had every right to, I will not give up on people, especially those who give me every right and reason to. Because Jesus raised me up, I choose to live my life lifting up others with His love that never fails and truth that sets us free. The world tells us to love those who love us back, but to hate our enemies, but very truly Jesus tells us to love our enemies. To pray for those who persecute us, and to bless those who curse us. Those who bully me and make fun, I want you to personally know that I love you. I think that you are so beautiful and I truly believe that Jesus came with your name written on His heart so graciously. I am praying that you may come to personally know this Jesus that personally loves you unconditionally. Jesus came to this earth knowing that there would be those whose response would be in hatred, yet He still loved them. Because it is no longer I who lives, but Christ Who lives in me, I pick up my cross, follow Him, and love the world as He so loved regardless of the response. Jesus said that if the world hates you, remember that it hated Him first:-) sending so SO much love!😌

Last fall I was so humbled to be crowned my high school’s homecoming queen. A couple of months later I received a letter addressed to me. I put it in my backpack and planned on opening it later...well later ended up being a month later. When I finally came to open it, it was a formal invitation to participate in a football bowl parade and be on national TV and where an elegant gown and on and on exciting and humbling goodnesses!!...I continued to read until my eyes met that the game and parade were a couple of days ago! I MISSED IT!😭 for some of you beloved gems scrolling through your feed to pass time, maybe even trying to distract yourself from the fear trying to creep in constantly or the insecurity that always seems to hover over your sweet head or from the worry that is unceasingly pulling away bits and pieces of your peace...your world changing self needs to know that YOU ARE INVITED!🎉 you are invited to look in the mirror and smile because you truly love who is looking back! You are invited to dance confidently. You are invited to be real and honest. You are invited into the presence of Love Himself, into the arms of the Good Father Who has not made you with a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind! and He invites you to dance in His love that has casted out ALL fear. You are invited to laugh and if your nose wrinkles IT IS AWESOME...hehe EMBRACE your giggle for I once read that your laugh is the sound your smile makes:) You are invited in God’s perfect peace. YOU are invited to be you-not the “you” that others label you to be, not the “you” that you feel pressured to be...no pal I am talking about the authentic and set apart YOU. This formal invitation is sealed with God’s grace and declares you were made for such a time as THIS! Don’t miss the opportunity to be who God made you to be. The time is not later:) You truly discover who you were meant to be when you walk in the One Who purposefully made you. God personally invites you into His life and peace and joy, and you get to choose whether or not you open His letter and live it:) The temporary invitations of this world can’t compare to the invitation of life that God offers us!💌

This past weekend I was so humbled to go to a neighborhood with my church and simply love the children there by providing snacks for them, playing outside, doodling sidewalk chalk, and hiding Easter eggs for them to run in such radiant joy and find within a single minute max!:-) This beloved soul was so cute in her big jacket and her sparkly blue shoes. I got so excited and my heart overflowed in joy at the simplicity of finding out what her favorite color was and telling her how pretty her heart was that she drew with her chalk, and reflecting on God’s never ending and overwhelming love for each and every one of us, I thought how much God delights in the smallest details of our lives. He loves you so much and He smiles so big in the simplicity of knowing your favorite color. He adores every part of you and declares among the nations that you are His masterpiece. The same God that counts each star by name and painted every cloud in the sky with His signature of splendor and grace...wants more than anything in the world to sit and talk with you. He wants to have a relationship with you and He is so jealous for your heart’s attention. Jesus went out of His way to love because loving was His way of living and today I praise God that when I was far from feeling worthy of Jesus sitting next to me, far from feeling worthy of Him to care what my favorite color was...He did exactly that and declared that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. He proclaimed that He leaves the 99 sheep to find the 1 lost. He said that not only does He know about me, but He knows the depths of my heart even the sweetest detail of my favorite color and He loves me unconditionally. Praise be to the One Who loves us so much that He would die and rise up again so that we may rise up in freedom with Him and not stay on the sidewalk, but begin walking in relationship with Him. He loves us so much that He is willing to meet us where we are but He loves us too much to leave us there. And because of such a gift of His love and truth that has changed my life, I cannot help up getting out of my way to love because loving is Jesus’ way of living. In Him I rise so I may kneel down to lift up others.💗

Oh praise His Name! Oh praise the One Who has set me free! What a sweet honor it was getting to sing with my world changing daddy @jenkins316 and our dear friend the one and only @clay_crosse ❤️ Today I am praying that you know how much God loves you. You are so precious to Him. You are His delight and enthralling in His sight. He made you in His image and set you apart originally with purpose. For God so loved you that He sent His one and only Son, to die and pay the price for your sin that you could not pay, and if you believe in Him you shall never perish but have eternal life! There is an enemy who hates us and I don’t know what your incredible self is walking though. Your parents may be getting a divorce, you may feel so alone or unwanted even. You may be in a very low place of addiction or seeking wholeness and identity in one relationship after another. You may look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. You may be scared to be fully and authentically YOU because of the bullying and criticism that could be the response. Whatever you are going through, Jesus loves you and in Him you lack no good thing. My beloved one He has called you higher and He loves you so much that He is willing to meet you where you are, but He loves you way too much to leave you there. He died and rose so that you can rise up with Him. You were made for such a time as this and because of Jesus you can walk in the purpose for which you were made! You do not earn freedom but you do have to personally choose to live it or not. In Christ you do not have to continue the cycle of your past, you don’t have to let the chaos of destructive thoughts overtake your mind, you do not have to hide your beautifully made heart in fear of mockers. God isn’t finished with your story. He promises that He will finish the good work that He started within you and that all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose! For anyone who is in Christ the old has passed away and BEHOLD the new has come! He has overcome. What a glorious day that will be to see face to face, the One Who loved me enough to set me free! { “O Praise The Name”: @hillsongworship }

“It is written: ‘I believed; therefore I have spoken.’...” {2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:13‬} 💜 •@aspenlewis.photography

The unfolding of her words give light because it is the Word of God that she speaks. She is honorable and gracious and excellent and intention is in her every action. Her gaze is fixed on the Author and Perfecter of her faith and with her hand in His, they dance in the most divine romance of unfailing love that casts out all fear. She loves fiercely because in transparency she knows that in the freedom of Jesus she can dance fearlessly! She is life speaking and God is in the midst of her, nothing formed against her shall prosper. She is the precious friend that is my dearest sister in Christ and also my mentor in this extravagantly amazing life!! She is the timeless gem that cares for all she meets with such genuineness and compassion. She is the stunning soul that encourages and builds up. She is made in the image of Love Himself and His truth that sets all free overflows from her cup. She has a heart of worship and she is as bold as a lion. Blessed is she who believes that the Lord will fulfill His promises to her!! She is a BIG DREAMER because the dreams of her heart align with God’s! She challenges me, inspires me, lifts me up, patiently listens and walks with me. She bursts in joy and her laughter is contagious as the light that she shines fully capacitates any room! Her heart for people and for this generation is so pure and wholly invested to lead and serve and equip. I praise Jesus for this sisterhood right here and the fruits that bloom from it. Sweet pals, surround yourself with people such as this!!! Surround yourself with those who keep you accountable, who are quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry! People who are willing to invite you into their home to simply pour truth and love into your life. People who give you full permission to completely be YOU! People who pray for you and see the goodness of God’s plan in you when you can’t see it yourself sometimes or even maybe forget. People who don’t tolerate you, but celebrate you and champion you on!! People who rejoice with you and are a shoulder to cry on when those times come. People who remind you that you are not here for the temporary, but rather the eternal:-)❤️

“Find friends who are the reason your phone is still fully charged at the end of the day.” ~Karsyn Foster🌼

I have a sweet and overjoyed feeling that my phone will have a lot of battery left at the end of many days from the simplicity of just spending such incredible time with this newly found sister! so thankful for this gal who opens her mouth with wisdom and has the teaching of kindness on her tongue!:-)

“God directs the steps of the godly and He delights in every detail of their lives.” {Psalm 37:23}🤩 oh how great is our God!! He is worthy of all praise and I cannot contain the joy and excitement and gratitude all because of His faithfulness! Three months before even knowing this precious soul’s name, I was praying over her, praying over her fearfully and wonderfully made heart, and over her relationship with the Lord. I remember talking to God about my future roomie, having no idea who she would be, but confidently trusting that God knew exactly who I was talking about. When I didn’t know what to pray, I had peace in the promise that the Holy Spirit was interceding for me in wordless groans according to God’s will. I was praying that when it came time for God to reveal to me who my college roomie was, that the eyes of my heart would be enlightened and that I would know that she was who He sent:-) Looking through and praying over the @libertyuniversity upcoming freshman’s bios, I came across this priceless gem! After direct messaging for quite sometime and unceasing prayer, we were officially roomies! And today was the day that I got to meet this radically phenomenal world changer!😍🌍 God directs the steps of the godly...and her favorite color is yellow too! Talk about our God delighting in the details of our lives! He is the God of relationships and has overflown my cup once again!! I am so thankful and so expectant about the next 4 years and the forever years to come with this shining star of a pal! Simply from buying our first pillows for the dorm to eating the most top notch spaghetti to her asking me if I liked pop...I thought she meant the music...she meant the soda😂:-) to the thousands of gentle hugs from the moment of meeting, I can honestly say that I am smiling even bigger, my tummy hurts from laughing even harder, my heart has bloomed another petal from wisdom gained, my heart is warmer from her encouragement and kindness, and my feet are ready to stand even more confidently in victory on the front lines of the battlefield for God’s kingdom because of simply seeing how Karsyn Foster lived her life in the time span of a single day.💛

Soccer tonight was so beautiful, and I had my “oops” moments during the game. Sometimes in my “oops” moments, I leave feeling unqualified because of any mistake I made. The moment I mess up, it almost is as though it doesn’t matter how many good passes I make, I can only remember the not so good moments. I have found myself in that position in my relationship with God before too. Do you ever get stuck on the mindset that if you mess up, you don’t have what it takes? With this mindset, it really isn’t a relationship with God, but it’s a checklist that has to be marked off, and this is a constant burden that we were not meant to carry. And anytime I play a game dwelling on my mistakes, rather than learning and moving on, I am not able to play the way I know I can. Just as when we live our life dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes, we will never live in the radical freedom that Jesus came for us to live because we will be so focused on us that we forget to look to the very One Who made us and loves us as we are! There is such POWER when we realize that God’s mercies are new every day and in Him we can run confidently on the field for His kingdom and slay! I walk in the promise that God’s grace is a gift to me that I don’t deserve but under His authority I get to receive it. Just like how my most powerful and greatest games are when I stop overthinking and dwelling on the negative, God’s powerful and greatest freedom is waiting on the other side of our negative mentality and our personal choice to let His Word transform our own thought process. “Whatever is true, lovely, noble, admirable, right, pure, excellent, and praiseworthy, think about such things.” {Philippians 4:8} What I put in is what I get out and if I give thoughts of condemnation and self doubt in the doors of my noggin’, then I will play to a standard of these thoughts. But if I am firm as to what I allow in, and am intentional to let it only align with who God says I am, then I am going to be able to play to the standard of His Word, and in this I honor Him, myself, and my team! I play my best not for a perfect story, but because I know that “oops” and all-when surrendered to Him-He uses for His glory!

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