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Erika-Zabrina  Ambassador for Christ. Kingdom Worker. Mental Health Advocate. Travelista. Recovering feminist. Grad student. Nerd w/ hood tendencies. W&M '12, EHS'08


So I've been stuck on 95 since early this morning. Still not moving. Apparently this is why. Be careful how quickly you complain about the inconvenience of traffic jams without knowing why. That minor inconvenience to you may be a demonstration of GOD's grace over your life. Had you left out earlier, you may have been directly involved. Please join me in praying for all of those involved. #dangersseenandunseen

Hey, take it or leave it. (Pic stolen from @songbird0111)

Got M̶i̶l̶k̶ Meat? #hebrews # christian #spiritualmaturity

I've been patiently waiting since the May 5th recording of this project. Each song really spoke to my Spirit and I can't wait for my loved ones to finally hear what I have been going on and on about. The first single, "I'm Not Lucky, I'm Loved" off of @jonmcreynolds 's third album "Make Room", will be available for purchase on October 13th. I know this project will Bless many lives and I'm thanking GOD in advance for all of the breakthroughs that the listeners will experience. To GOD be the glory! Preorder the new single today! #makeroom #imnotluckyimloved #october13 #jonathanmcreynolds #christian #christianmusic #godpel #gospelmusic #music

@afl910 , you are the REAL MVP. I contacted Alicia at 3 in the morning, asking her if she could arrange transportation for a friend coming to church, and she made it happen, got my friend to church on time for the 11am service. The harvest is plenty and the laborers are few (Lukes 10:2) & in a day where so many make idols out of titles, there are a faithful few working behind the scenes, not looking for acknowledgment, and reserving all of the glory for GOD. Deacon Thompson always reminds us that if we are flexible, we will never get bent out of shape. Thank you for being flexible & sooo clutch Alicia! I pray that all of your crowns in heaven are bedazzled (lol) and shine as bright as you! Peace & Blessings! I LOVE MY GREATER FAMILY!

2-0, Black & Yellow til I die! Repping for Le'Veon Bell, while rocking Rod Woodson's old number. Thank you to the Stokes family for hooking me up with some new Steelers gear. & a special shout out to Kyle for having such great taste in teams, lol. I LOVE MY GREATER FAMILY! Whether Greater West or Greater East, we're still 1 church and 1 big happy family. #steelers #blackandyellow

When your hair (dried) and in its natural curly state finally starts to lay on your shoulders and upper back again. *tears*. It hasn't been this length since like 2013. Still trying to grow it back to how it was in undergrad. It still has a long way to go. *sigh*... shrinkage please mind your business and let me be great! #curlygirl #naturalhair #lengthcheck #shrinkage #hairgrowth #healthyhair #devacurl #noheat #heatless

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to @jonmcreynolds . May it bring much peace and many blessings. Friends and family, in honor of his 28th birthday, I ask that you donate $28 to his organization @elihunation . Donations will go towards scholarships for "young carriers of Godly Wisdom". Keep this ministry and its scholarship recipients in prayer. Please feel free to give more if GOD lays it on your heart to do so. Link in bio to donate. #therepresenters #streetteam #jonathanmcreynolds #elihunation #happybirthday #scholarship #christian #christianmusic #music #gospel

Testimony hour! A moment of truth. I'm sure anybody with natural hair can relate. Please don't touch my hair unless we roll like that. Meaning we're close enough where you know the last 4 digits of my social security number. Topping it off with a compliment does not justify you petting me. Please stop. Spread the word. Bring awareness to this issue lol. #donttouchmyhair #nopetting #notouching #keepyourhandstoyourself #please #and #thankyou

Yeah pretty much... shout out to my coworkers for leaving me with a ton of fires to put out. 🔥🔥🔥😒😒😒 #smh #iseeyall #walkingawaylikenothinghappened #almostbleweverythingup #2hoursleft

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