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Lydie Roth ๐Ÿ‘‘  No matter What,I will NEVER Give Up Rare form sphenoid sinus Cancer fighter Love Calisthenics,Yoga Most in life Want To Be Healthy ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’ช

One day I wish to have as healthy face as my body looks like.
Will post something more interesting soon, about my bar workout and of course hospital visit, which I really hate to show because I'm ashemed to be sick.
About workout with cancer,I have seen many people not only me,for example @cheymarie_fit and many others,who are working out during chemo,I'm Not doing chemo only immune treatment,but for some people in some cases workout is possible
#family #๐Ÿ‘‘ #royals

Wasn't feeling well several days and didn't even eat normally,I like food so much and because of stupid nausea I can't enjoy food in peace,I must eat as fast as possible ....
Im feelings so terrible,every human around,has its own face, everyone is beautiful in its own way,but me, instead of having Normal face,I have fxcking deformed face because of cancer, people are saying show your face,I know that I need to accept as I'm now,but I want to improve and don't be ugly,I want to have face as my body is,if my body is proportional, having deformed face sucks even more,I don't know why I must have such body and my face must be just disgusting,and I can't be happy, always must be dissapointed and ashemed trying to cover something this is terrible.
I hate cancer,I don't want to live with cancer anymore!, nobody wants to live with cancer,why it even excist to ruin peoples life's and separate families that's why ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ข

My Fundraiser link is in Bio
(It's for visiting hospital) not for treatment . ๐ŸŽต- Izzamusic (adventure)

Hey guys,lost weight approximately 4-5 kg,I was trying to eat as fast as I can to feel less nausea feeling,but nausea feeling is following me fxcking everywhere even on my favorite food,and all I can do is to eat fast,as fast as I can,What is your advice to fight nausea without drinking remedies against it ?
My expanses during my medical trip to hospital (swipe second page)
If someone want to help me 1-2$ It would be great, Fundraiser link is in my bio
Thank you
When I was hacked YouTube got deleted my new YouTube page is : Lydie Roth

My picture Upside down ,in Upside down rotation
Unfortunately everyday I see that many people are bad,bad enough to hack sick persons fundraiser and attempt to steal money from me
My ancestors all their life's worked hard to get their wealth,In the thanks people who they care about,in many many generations,this people killed them,all because of money,now someone almost left me homeless because of fundraiser (PayPal)hack

Beautiful picture,but why I need it,why I need this body if I can't work as a model,why I need my brain if I can't help humanity,why I must be deadly sick and suffer every single day,just why,what have I done so bad,for what I'm suffering, cancer and all other deadly illness are like aliens who are sitting in your body and using it in their own ways.
I have suffeered so much in my life,and I thought I'm getting better,when someone hacked and deleted my fundraiser all because of money and jealousy,my ancestors were killed because of their own money,now someone by deleting my fundraiser tried to kill me and all because of money and jealousy.
I was never jealous of someone because someone has money or beauty or big house car, diamond ring and other things
Everyone has what g-d decided to give them,and I cant do something with this,G-D gives and G-d takes
Everyone is special and deserves something for themselves in their own way,I must just think that my fundraiser hack is because I will recive good progression when I will go In hospital,and will not need to spent so much money for treatment,or I already sold everything which my family had and all because of cancer treatment,my #myfallendynasty didn't had something valuable when I was born already but I had to give up, silver spoons with family hologram and other things which were last reminding of my family, however I believe that this things are cursed ......

On 25 September 1888 my ancestors came in Batumi,their ship used exactly same spot to stop ,on 25September 2018 exactly in same city 130years after I'm recording video,however my ancestors didn't stay here 2years,I'm so sick and tired from living in this unfriendly city,I don't even have ship to go from here far far away and never come back
I can't even believe that only 130years ago, nobody would believe that I had fundraiser because of cancer treatment and after some idiots would hack and delate it
Nobody was even thinking that my family would go so down ๐Ÿ“‰๐Ÿ”ฝthat needed to ask for money for cancer treatment (cancer treatment, tickets for bus,1day in hotel)(when going abroad)
Anyway fact is that this money was for my life,and not for something else, because me or my family doesn't have something else left except our own life's
And after some people are advising me to live happily,no matter how good I will be,I will always remember what happened to my family,it will always stay heavily in my hearth.
I supposed to be so fortunate person with so many opportunities today,with everything someone can ever dream of,and instead I grow up in bad conditions,this caused allergies,this caused constant nose inflammation,this caused cancer, which by big mistake of doctors in first stages was treated like allergies,this caused spreading of cancer in whole sinuses, living me without nose(smell and taste) function,this made me most unfortunate person in whole world
With very big plans,and with very big wish,to become at least so fortunate to help others,(help myself before๐Ÿ˜ซ)
Dream big,Lydie ๐Ÿ‘‘
๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ- Imagine Dragons (Natural)

Still very bad form,and I'm very ashamed to post it, except this that,my wide hips are interrupting me to place hands more closer(on my current level) unfortunately I have long legs and short upper body, which is bad and connected to alot of struggle in calisthenics,and I'm also tall for gymnastics, with height over 5.10 (179cm) body is harder to balance than if I would be around 5ft,but this isn't excuse for me to learn how to hold normal form,and make it perfect.
My balance disturbance and pain levels are terrible,here I was sure that handstand is right and it more looks like Pisa tower๐Ÿคฃ, also feeling that your throat burns every time sucks,not even speaking about: hight constant fever,sinus pain, headache,lymp nodes pain, breathing disturbance,nose pain,face bone pain,strong pain inside ears,and vision disturbance,but I must overcome all this symptoms and show everyone including cancer,that no matter what,I'm doing what I love,with very high risk on my health, because I do exercises which are strongly prohibited for my case, this is my own choice,and I feel what I must do.
Very tired today,so glad that I'm able to post almost everyday
Thank you for being with me. ๐Ÿ‘‘ Lydie


Why so serious ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Quality over quantity, everything must be perfect,every move must be counted and must be done with maximum coordination of body, unfortunately my level isn't enough,and my sickness is interrupting me to feel balance,that's why my handstand is in bad form and without very coordinate movements,but I still have time to practice, I will beat this sh!t out of my head,I'm so serious person there is no place for cancer in my body.
Abit about me, always wanted to go military and become TEST PILOT, because everyone from my ancestors had military education,and all of them were military leaders, always loved shooting, until my eyes spoiled and now I can't see well, however still got more than 6 from 10 while standing in shooting gallery, can't wait to have my own gun and go to hunt one day
Also one strange part comes from my other part genetics,while being so serious absolutely loved circus, always wanted to be mime,do joggling while walking on hight rope,and drive one wheel bicycle,that's not as serious as TEST PILOT,but anyway I love it either, maybe one day my skills will help me to make sick children happier, anyway I hope I will have money,and this will help for sure.
Since my ancestors wanted to enter normal society,and for some reasons were hiding in Georgia (country) after my birth I wanted to be like normal like everyone else,but it couldn't be, because everyone is special in their own way,and I want back in my ancestors status ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ wonder if this ever going to happen ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘‘
#calisthenicsworkout #cancerihateyou #painihateyou

Today was sleeping almost whole day,and still woke up tired,If I will sleep so much,I will never get enough workout,and will not achieve goals which I have,so I need to relax less.Easy to say but when whole your head hurts not easy to do
However I still have very strick goals which I must follow to see and receive progress in calisthenics no matter what
I have already overcome so much sh!t in my life,I'm so tired from everything but no matter what,I got my one arm elbow level, or elbow level variation, to show better result in handstand, anyway my head hurts very much,with handstand or no
It's just this way, everyone (most of people)must be okay,and workout without pain in head and in ears,pain in muscles,and I who everyone expected to die long ago,must workout true pain to achieve ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿฅ‚ #fuckcancer
#calisthenics #yoga #calisthenicsworkout @yogafeature @yogalooksgood @yoga @yogapractice #painihateyou

Glad that I was able to post today,I'm again having alot of stupid problems which are coming only from one reason Cancer,I was planning to get healthy and sent application for @imgmodels @weloveyourgenes more than 2years ago
Instead I'm doing absolutely different things,I completely understand that when I don't work and I'm not able to work,I loose alot of money everyday,I loose chance to help others,after some crazy people hacked my Instagram and delated fundraiser,they wished to make me loose chance To be Alive
But there is much more behind my story,in which are very sick girl with unsimetrical face,who is fighting cancer and doing calisthenics, unfortunately everything has its own time and I can't share whole horror of my story,and what happened to my ancestors which in the result caused my suffering
Unfortunately everything is much much worse than I just say,and my cancer isn't worsest thing which happened to my family,but cancer is very bad things because it's interrupting me from going infrant and taking my family with me,it's interrupting me from living
I fight idea that I may not be here, everyday,that I may not woke up,and some people want to offend me by hack of my PayPal or deleting fundraiser, which I can open 100000000more ,I'm offended on only one thing my life,I understand that I could do so much more,or if I would be born before,I would do so much more to help my family,CANCER I WILL KILL YOU,NO MATTER WHAT,WITH PHONE AND SOCIAL MEDIA,OR WITHOUT
#fuckcancer #weloveyourgens #imgmodels #cancerihateyou

Hey guys, sorry wasn't posting much,I'm again having stupid problems๐Ÿ˜ฉnever mind that someone could chase me outside (because someone possibly likes me๐Ÿค”) everything which makes me nervous affects my health really badly, today I had fever anyway got up,for walking before sleeping,it helps me to sleep better and feel better,did some poleflag๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿค— That's much easier than human flag,but I'm still practicing for human flag on pole bars,and full human flag not with one leg as before,back level practice took to much strength from me,was having fever 3days after that,but I always have some kind of fever around 100F so it's not very bad symptom as I guess #fuckcancer
#calisthenics #poleflag #calisthenicsworkout #cancersucks

Hey guys,my leg is getting better and I'm slowly back to splits
Some very bad people who hacked my email and were looking for money on my PayPal, texted me on my mom's account,that "we are renaming your Instagram and fundraiser,so now you will die if you're real and really need money"and "you will die from not having Instagram" texted people which I'm following that they will make me die"
If someone is thinking that I will die from not having Instagram,it's really funny,I didn't die even from cancer near my brain,and now I will die from not having social media ๐Ÿ˜‚ if I will live somewhere in jungle in Africa without social media or TV,or even clothes and I will have medication which I need,I will live even there and will not even have in my mind to give up because of this reason
About my fundraiser which got renamed in help people get supplements or something like this and deleted from my email after,if I will decide to open it (before I'm speaking with relatives if there is any opportunity to get more money for me)
Now again I need to go to lawyer translate medical documentation and sent to open medical fundraiser,and spent money on this stupid things, which aren't positive and good for me, anyway I felt that I must change something, change my page,post myself in hospital when I will go there,do YouTube,I hope G-D will give me strength for it
About money,to dissapoint some ppl I will say,that G-D will sent me money for treatment,or by fundraiser way or by any other,once I didn't had money to buy food and I have found 100$ outside,and every single day when I walk I find 0.50 0.20 equal money outside,as sign that G-D is with me and I will overcome this shit and many other obsticals which I have
G-D BLESS YOU for supporting me
Much love
#fuckcancer #fuckyoucancer #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenics #calisthenicssplits #splits #middlesplits #splitsworkout

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