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1allisonmoorer  I like animals, talented & smart people, art, & books. shelby_and-allison & theautotelic are up as well.


I think I'm happy about this but am not sure it bodes well for a future in finance or some other profession that pays. #johnhenryrules #nirvana #smellslikeareyoukiddingme #smellsliketeenspirit #hesonlyseven

one shoe must be removed for maximum sensory input. #rainymemorialday #desertedpark #didsomeonesaythisisthebeginningofsummer?

Graduation flowers. Thank you @tennesseetraci ❤️❤️❤️❤️ how did you know peonies are my favorite?

I think the only area of my life in which I don't constantly feel inadequate is in that of maternal instinct. That must be because I know making this extraordinary creature, who guides me instead of vice versa, is undoubtedly the best thing I have ever done. He is my most important teacher. #happymothersday #johnhenryrules #dontbeafraidofpuddles #noticetheleaves

Serious happenings at my thesis reading last night at @thenewschool - 455 words, 3 minutes. A more emotional experience than one might think. 📷: the new school. #thenewschoolcreativewriting #nyc #graduatinggraduateschool

Caption this caption.

Closet cleanouts rule. As does @hayescarll - behold his fake ID from his first year of college. #hayescarll #heletmedothis

@nodepression was one of the first journals to give me a chance as any sort of writer. It's now a full circle thing - they've believed in me since my very first record came out in 1998, and now they let me scribble for them. Beyond all of that, No Depression features important long form music journalism that's hard to find these days. I'm going to put a link in my profile in hopes that everyone will consider subscribing. I did this morning! #nodepression #readmore

weekend typing lessons. 📷: @steve_aka_flip #johnhenryrules

Looking forward to being back with @hayescarll. How the cup of tea in this photograph is making him feel is how I feel when he is beside me. #roadlife #musiciansgirl

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