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1allisonmoorer  I like animals, talented & smart people, art, & books. shelby_and_allison is up as well.


someone stole a white peach at the grocery store. #johnhenryrules #lookofguiltanddelight

I live in a house full of cartoon characters. #peteythewonderdog #chihuashuasofinstagram #froginhisthroat

Not only is @hayescarll talented and handsome, he plants ivy to grow up my fence. #hayescarll #itsstillmybirthday

Petey is from outer space. #chihuahuasofinstagram

This is excellent, @clairedederer - so many wonderful thoughts and revelations here. #suspectthateverythinggoodinlifemightactuallybenerdly #loveandtrouble #knopf

I took a post that I loved down from this account the other day because I was afraid. I don't want to name names, but a certain vulture-ish site frightened me by taking photographs I had posted of my son and using them in what appeared to be a practice of professional level schadenfreude. Not uncommon, but nevertheless. I then made my account private again, as it had been before I decided it might be okay to let people in - this is, after all, how people are reached these days and that's something I want to do for a variety of reasons, and at the very least stay in touch with my family and friends. I changed it back to public yesterday. It's no coincidence that I also turned forty flipping five and decided that if I'm really lucky, I might get forty-five more years on this beautiful planet, and what I won't do is hide myself or try to curate a picture that doesn't tell the truth about who I am and who I love. Not anymore. This is me - hair in a ball because when I wake up in the morning it looks like birds have nested in it and I thought why try to fix it when I have an appointment later to get the grey covered. My bra straps are showing because I didn't have time to find the right tank top that would hide them and also make my son a healthy breakfast and get him to the potty every 40 minutes before I got him dressed and walked him to school. I still haven't changed it. My life is messy, as is the bookshelf behind me that I, despite how it may appear, try hard to keep organized. I have bags underneath my eyes because I don't get enough sleep, water, or relaxation. I am an incredibly fortunate woman, but there's no such thing as perfect - not even for one second. It's an act of faith to hang your ass out on a public forum and share it. A bit of an increase in respect would do us all good, and it might result in even more personal freedom and a more accurate portrait of reality. That might make us all feel better. I did stand in the good light when I took this because I am also not a fool. #FUonecountry #fortyfiveandlovingitsofar

My longtime bud @jasonisbell has a new record out, as if I have to tell ya. If you haven't gotten it, you'll want to. We've had it in rotation around here a whole lot. Congratulations to Jason, @amandapearlshires @tennesseetraci @thirtytigers #the400unit and the whole bunch. Nothing like great work to inspire great work - he's forging a path that's leading every artist somewhere better, saying the things we all want to say. And singing and playing like a demon all the while. That's something to celebrate. #jasonisbell #thenashvillesound 📷 @dannybones64

He wakes up smiling. ❤️💪🏻 #johnhenryrules

happiness in motion. #johnhenryrules

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