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Day 3 and your girl is feeling amazing.. all I needed was a little rest and a little tweak! 😏😎
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Good day friends!
Today is the first day of my new routine.. I’m actually super proud of myself because your girl hates cardio. Give me something heavy any day 😅 💪🏼 .
Upper body followed by 45 dreadful minutes of cardio 😂😂 15 minutes elliptical
25 minutes treadmill incline 15 pace 3.2 (no hands 😜)
5 minutes Jacobs’s ladder
Fuelled back up then trained my girl
@beccatrenholm Lol I was just making sure I didn’t have anymore in me to give 😂😂😂 I didn’t 🙈
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Left 230
Right 235 🚩
I’m going to be totally honest.. I feel that some of you are disappointed in my results so far.. I’ve been receiving numerous messages about my weight and asking why I’m not losing more. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Listen, if you go back to the first of my journey I say the same thing.. this is not a race or quick fix. I’m enjoying seeing these changes in my body plain and simple. I’m working out 5-6 days a week and I fuel my body with the best of food. Do I have my bad days?? Hell ya!! Lol just had a full week of it but I’m pushing on!
I feel that it’s so easy to get in a rut repeating the same thing everyday, so I decided to take a few rest days get a new routine together and crush it! I promise to document as much as I can! Lol your girl is busy. 😅 I know my page hasn’t been very active in the last little while but I’m promise you guys that I will make an effort to change that. Thank you for always being so supportive and loving! ❤️ On my bad days I literally go back and read some of your messages and comments.. they have been really getting me through this bump in the road.
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We all go through things in life and sometimes Instagram doesn't show the hard times.
Everyone has their own battle, if you don't see it on the outside doesn't mean they're not already battling or exhausted on the inside. I’ve had a pretty crappy week so far but I’m pushing on. We’re all human right 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s normal to have off days/weeks.. it just makes us stronger!! 💪🏼
You can tell your girls off when she misses #humpday 🙈 🍑
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Sweet potato cookies 🍠 🍪 .
1¼ cup sweet potato puree
1¼ cup gluten free rolled oats
¼ cup maple syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ cup raisins
¼ cup pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds
1/4 organic coconut
Preheat oven to 350.
Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until everything is well combined.
Using a cookie scoop, drop cookies onto a lined baking sheet.
Bake for 18-20 minutes.

#cookies #healthy #nomnomnom #foodisfuel #weightlossjourney

I'm representing the ladies that think they'll never fit the right mold, that need that extra push today to continue their focus and see that results worth celebrating are not just at the end stage!
To the girls that don't think their beautiful...Your soooo beautiful and so special 😍 Love yourself, you're worth it! Not when you're "skinnier" or "better" but as you are everyday.

#weightlossjourney #motivationmonday #weightloss #strongnotskinny #motivation #transform #nevergiveup #fitnessjourney

🌻 Three years ago when I weighed 430+ pounds, you would have never seen me in a maze full of people rocking a pair of jeans and tied shirt.
Stepping out of your comfort zone, letting go of the worry that you're "not there yet", believing in yourself- and the NON SCALE VICTORIES!
Live for today, invest in your health happiness and tomorrow. You're worth it, and you're worth getting to know yourself all over again! YOU'RE A NEW YOU! 🌻
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When your trying to be cute but you have no time to shave your legs or wash your Jeep 🤷🏼‍♀️ #weightlossjourney #saturday #weightloss #transform #jeep #countrygirl #thickfit #girlswholift #fattofit #fatloss #weightlossmotivation

Some of you might say I should have made more progress then this in the last 2 1/2 years... but some others may never say they’ve lost over 200+ lbs naturally. (Picture on the left over 140 pounds gone)
All I have to say is I’m enjoying getting to know my body and what it’s capable of.
I love being strong, I love learning my new limits and then exceeding them.
I love being able to throw a tractor tire around when I feel like it. I love fitting into new clothes and not only seeing the shape of my body and muscles but enjoying my appearance and feeling proud. I’ve never felt so happy and grateful in such a long time and that’s something my life was missing: Positive feelings about myself, my body and life.
We all have different goals and we all have the drive to pursue those goals...
It just takes one day to start, to follow through and shape a more genuine you!
#weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #strongwomen #fitspiration #nevergiveup #progressnotperfection #fattofit #fatloss #girlswholift #weightloss #transform #losingweight #waybackwednesday

You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.” Drawing a line in the sand when it comes to loyalty and deserved accepted behaviour can be difficult.
Old friends, long time relationships... ect may see you differently than you see yourself now, as you change and see new found value in yourself.
If you feel your expectations of: respect, consideration, or even your feelings are being looked past, it’s ok to establish that you are entitled to more, or better.
It is ok to recognize, declare and hold firm on the fact that although the old you may have “accepted less” (less respect/ less appreciation/ less gratitude) than you deserved; you are not obligated by loyalty, weight or a lesser value than another, to continue to be mistreated or under appreciated.
Address your concerns! If you feel you have grown and another person is growing in a different direction, or not at all, you don’t owe anyone anything to stay if it limits or lessens your growth.
Some relationships are meant for realization and not for a life time. Don’t feel guilty, feel grateful for perspective!
Grow into the positive person you need to be! Don’t focus on what’s behind you; The right people will be at your side!
Be proud of yourself, be proud of your progress and all of your worth. True friends, family and supporters EMPOWER ONE ANOTHER!
Don’t be afraid to embrace and embark on the behaviour you feel and KNOW you deserve.

#weightlossjourney #selflove #weightloss #fitnessjourney #transformationtuesday #transform #nevergiveup

When I first started, +200lbs heavier than I am now, I didn’t think “Ok I want abs someday, that’s all I’m going to work for”.
I had legitimate health, and body image concerns. “How am I going to lose all this? I’m going to need surgery... Even if I do succeed in losing some weight, will I still need surgery”
As time went on and I did see results- some weeks rapid, my inches and tummy decreased and “shrunk” dramatically! My stomach would rise and tighten, and I’d feel great! I was doing everything right! But other weeks my stomach would seem to drop and I would question myself, “I’m sure I’m still doing everything right!?” and I would get discouraged...
I say this because I too went through body changes, experienced the ups and downs, felt disappointment and occasionally self doubt when your body reacts at its own timeline/pace or differently than the results/image you had hoped for.
That’s life, that doesn’t make you a failure. Get determined not discouraged!
I’m here to tell you success doesn’t always appear in the form of perfection. I’ve lived it.
Success isn’t luck, luck fades.
Success isn’t instant, it takes time and devotion.
Success is earned with persistence & faith, and focus.
You are worthy of being successful.
Stay consistent and invest in yourself and your future!
I earned my freedom from a +430lb body, and what I do now reflects that. I offer others: brave enough to fight for themselves and their future, an educated way to earn their life back, not just a set of abs in the mirror.
#weightlossjourney #motivationmonday #noexcuses #weightloss #transform #fattofit #fatloss #weightlossmotivation #girlswholift #losingweight #fitspiration

Another new week full of new goals 🛒 🛒 🛒 🛒 🛒 🛒 🛒 🛒 🛒
A lot of you ask about my weekly grocery bill. Well, lol usually it’s between $150.00 -$200.00 (changed this because that was only on a good week when I didn’t need a lot of things 😂) it all depends. 😊 This week was a little bit more 💰 because I had to buy almond butter $12.97, olive oil $14.00 chia seeds $12.00 flax seeds $10.00, hemp hearts $14.00 & mixed nuts $25.00. Buts it so worth it!!! I use to spend $30-40 at a restaurant no problem... we don’t think of that stuff do we? Oh and maybe I picked up some halo top ice cream. 😎
Dear US friends.. be greatful for your whole foods and trader Joe’s 😂😂 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #foodisfuel #eat #foodporn #losingweight #fattofit #fatloss #transform #sundayfunday #mealprep #noexcuses #workforit

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