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"I don't know how to say this." Alice said contemplating her thoughts. "would you be willing to make me look.... Like you?" Lucy was stunned. "why." she said acting not intrested. "I just want attention ok. Everyone's paying attention to you or the boys or anyone who's drop dead gorgeous and wears risky clothes. People don't even know who I am! I made it this far I need credit I deserve to be noticed.i feel like zayns embarrassed to be seen with me." Alice stopped. She felt like she went too far. Lucy was half smiling. She wanted to ruin her. She wanted Zayn back. "I have an Idea, and we can test it at Justin's party tonight." she gestured her to follow her into the bathroom. Her transformation has begun.

Lucy and Alice walked into the party. Alice hair, messy and wavy brown. She was wearing a grey crop top that exposed her whole stomach. She had on tight blue skinny jeans and loads of jewelry. She could barely walk in her black pumps. Her smokey eyeshadow and bright red lip stick made her stand out. "woah... Who's this?" Justin asked. Lucy laughed and grabbed her towards the crowd of people. Lucy introduced her to a million hot boys. She couldn't even remember who she gave her number out too. Alice looked at her phone 30 missed calls and they all were from Zayn and the boys. "don't worry about him. He's missing out. Give me that." Lucy took the phone from her. "hey let's get a drink... Get your mind off of him." "oh I really don't drink... Maybe I'll have water." Alice said scared. "your so boring!! C'mon let's go meet some guys." Lucy grabbed Alice into a group of 4 boys. "hey cutie where you going" "dammnnn sexy" "Lucy who's your friend" it was all overwhelming for Alice. She could only talk to one at a time. She just stared at Lucy to respond. "the girls shy leave her alone" she exchanged a look with Matt and he took her hand.

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