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Eric Lantto🇺🇸  Who died and made you David Lee Roth?


When you treat yourself to a Christmas complete but, forgot you don't have hardware. 😳 #stoops #thankyouskateboarding #nevergonnadanceagain

When you know breaking new Trucks in is a nightmare but, you can't say no to these @wes.kremer @independenttrucks. 159s all day everyday. #independenttrucks #RTBFTR #classiccolors

@dendip sent a Anaheim care package, Star Wars surprise! Little did I know that hidden in the box was a case of #wetwilly wax. Where in the world did you find that monstrosity!!! #worldindustries #thankyou!

Went to Costco and bought 4 cases of the Mondays. #humanmeatdoesabodygood

Nothing like some tweaker sheet rocker losing his load in the middle of the road and leaving it there. As I swerved to miss a pile of drywall, the car in front of me hit this 72 inch straight edge and shot it through the air. It hit our car and disappeared. When I pulled over I found out it had speared through my radiator and condenser. Over $900 out of pocket because some bag of shit couldn't do the right thing. It could have easily killed @mightymegs or myself. Rant over. #asshat #fml #hondaelement

Night patrol on #Hoth is hell. #atat #atst #starwars #snowtrooper

Remembering some of the best wood and board constructions in 1989. This is still straight as an arrow. No China wood unless it was at Walmart. #madeinamerica #thankyouskateboarding #vintageskateboard #jimthiebaud #santamonicaairlines 🚫 🇨🇳

1989 NOS @jimthiebaud SMA "Joker" model. Still in shrink with warranty card. When I bought mine at the bike shop the guy behind the counter told me NHS got busted using the Joker by DC Comics, and that I shouldn't skate it. They had to stop production and it was going to be very rare. Obviously I grabbed it up and skated it. 28 years later I found another one. #thankyouskateboarding #skateboardcollection #vintageskateboard #jimthiebaud

Rolling with it, #WadeSpeyer Master and Commander. 📷: @brycekanights #thankyouskateboarding #thrashermag #1994 🔥👑