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177 Milk Street  Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street features a magazine, cooking school, TV & radio shows and bold, fresh recipes.


This potato salad builds its own dressing—no mayonnaise required. Our recipe for Austrian Potato Salad is available now for a limited time. Link in bio.

Hear the good news! Our first cookbook, Milk Street: The New Home Cooking, will be published September 12, 2017. Get all the info and pre-order on our website. Link in bio.

When using store-bought ground beef, we discovered that freezing and spicing were the secrets to a better burger. Get our recipe for Cuban-Spiced Burgers free for one week at the link in bio.


This week on Milk Street Radio, reporter Gary Taubes makes the case against sugar; we explore baklava, from Syria to Brooklyn; Dan Pashman debunks restaurant etiquette myths; and we share our recipe for Thai barbecue chicken.

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MILK STREET Q&A: Using yogurt in hot soup

Joanna H. from Seattle came to us with a question about one of our recipes: ""I made the chickpea and yogurt soup with parsley and dill from the May-June 2017 issue tonight and it was delicious. Thank you! However, the yogurt curdled the minute it went into the soup. Yes, it was off the heat. The taste was still great, but it didn’t look pretty. I used Fage whole-milk Greek-style yogurt and followed all your instructions. Can you assist?"" ""While we often dollop plain Greek yogurt on top of soups and stews for added tang, we avoid it when we plan to mix the yogurt into broth for a smooth, creamy texture. For that, we use regular yogurt. It’s a matter of protein. Both varieties of yogurt contain casein protein. At room temperature, the casein forms stable droplets of protein, or micelles. But heat can break those droplets apart, allowing the proteins to interact, link together and curdle. Because Greek-style yogurt is made by straining out additional liquid, the casein protein is concentrated, roughly double that of regular yogurt. That means that when exposed to heat, there are twice as many potential interactions, or twice as many opportunities for the proteins to coagulate. That reaction is what caused the yogurt to curdle. When we added Greek-style yogurt to hot soup, we got the same results. Switch to regular yogurt and the soup should be great. Too late for that? To cover up the curdles, puree a portion of the soup, then stir it back in."" This question originally appeared in the July-August 2017 issue of Milk Street Magazine.
Have a cooking question you need answered? Email us at questions@177milkstreet.com or call us at 855-4-BOWTIE.

"A lot of people come to Thailand and they find something they've been looking for"—Andy Ricker (@pawkhrua) explains the appeal of Thailand to Christopher Kimball in this never before seen clip from Milk Street Television.

Milk Street Television premieres this fall. For more information, visit the link in bio.


Bright, bold, and saucy—we traveled to South Africa to uncover the secret behind Piri Piri Chicken. Get the recipe free for one week at the link in bio.


This week on Milk Street Radio, we travel to Tel Aviv to celebrate hummus, plus we talk to @cherrybombemag's Kerry Diamond (@kerrybombe), @lizprueitt_tartine and wine expert Stephen Meuse.

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Introducing Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television, premiering this September on public television.

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Cooking veggies on low, a safer way to chop, and more. Check out these 4 tips to maximize your home cooking.

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Our tangerine-almond cake is rich and rustic with an enticing fragrance and flavor—with a texture similar to a classic pound cake. Get the recipe free for one week at the link in bio.

This week on Milk Street Radio, master baker @doriegreenspan remembers her experiences with Julia Child. Also on today’s show, wine expert Stephen Meuse decodes vintage wines, we offer our recipes for high-heat scrambled eggs and Georgian Chicken Soup, @nigellalawson gives us a quick Tuesday night meal, and Sara Moulton and Christopher Kimball take your calls. Listen at the link in bio.

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